Courtesy: Intel

ICC announced a series of technological innovations in partnership with Intel to be launched during the Champions Trophy 2017. The focus being on increasing the tournament experience for media, spectators, players, and broadcasters.

Intel using data, analytics and visualisation features unveiled three new technologies:

  • Intel Drone for Advanced Pitch Analysis: The Intel Falcon 8 Drone has been equipped with infrared and HD cameras to be used for pitch analysis. The drone will offer data on grass cover, grass health, and topology. This will help generate daily pitch reports and commentators will use that to analyse the pitch during live broadcasts of the match on TV and over the Internet.
  • Bat Sensor powered by an Intel Curie module: The new bat sensor, called Speculur BatSense, can be mounted on any cricket bat and will be able to measure back-lift, bat speed, and follow through for every stroke a batsman plays. This will allow for data such as speed of the ball after it hits the bat to be shown on TV.
  • Virtual Reality cricket: Intel to showcase experiences at The Oval (London) and Edgbaston (Birmingham) stadiums. This is a fun experience where people will be able to play cricket in virtual reality. With a VR headset mounted, people can test their batting skills against virtual bowlers. The bat used for this will use Intel’s Curie module and offer data on people’s bat speed and back-lift, among other stats.


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