Indonesia Volcano Erupts: 500 Hikers Stranded

Latest Update: According to Military officials

Indonesia: Eruption of Rinjani volcano on Lombok (island in Indonesia) caused an intensive 6.4 magnitude earthquake, which resulted in landslides and left 500 explorers and guides from 26 countries standard in the nearby area.

The latest update is that more than 250 people have reached a relief point on the mountain.

File Photo: Rinjani Eruption In 2015 

Mount Rinjani, rises approximately 3,726 meters above sea level, and this pinnacle is the second-tallest mountain of liquid magma in Indonesia. Also, this is the favourite spot among tourists due to its extensive sights.

Lombok Earthquake

According to reports, rescuers have also been successful in making airdrops of nourishment supplies to the stranded tourists. And according to the spokesman of Mataram’s search and rescue agency, these supplies are sufficient for one or two days.

Lombok Earthquake – The Back Story

Yesterday, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake caused tonnes of rock and mud to dislodge on the mountain, thus forcing hikers to stay on their ground, as they did not find an easy way to reach the bottom.

The initial quake was followed by two strong ones with more than a hundred aftershocks.

And according to the head of West Nusa Tenggara disaster agency, Mohammad Rum, 160 people were injured.

Sudiyono who is the chief of Rinjani national park, said that there are 560 individuals who are still trapped on the Lombok island.

Lombok Earthquake

The stranded tourists hail from various countries including, France, Netherlands, Thailand, United States, Germany and many other countries.

Lombok Earthquake – The Supposedly Present Death Rate & Property Damage

Lombok Earthquake

According to reports, presently, 16 individuals have been killed while hundreds of buildings have suffered damage from this disastrous earthquake.

The Indonesian President Joko Widodo also made his visit to the affected people, and ensured his financial support for those who lost their houses to this massive earthquake.

While many have already been saved, the ongoing rescue operation is likely to keep running till tomorrow.

Indonesia; Ring Of Fire

Indonesia is a standout amongst the most calamity inclined countries on earth. This is because this is where structural/tectonic plates impact, which cause a substantial bit of the world’s volcanic eruptions and seismic tremors/earthquakes to happen on a frequent basis.

This is also why Indonesia is nicknamed as the ‘Ring Of Fire’.

A Recent Example Of Destruction

In 2004 a 9.3 undersea earthquake activated a tsunami off the shoreline of Sumatra in western Indonesia. This tsunami took the lives of 220,000 individuals in nations surrounding the Indian Ocean, of which 168,000 were from Indonesia.

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