La Liga Highlights & Points Table

A total of 4 matches were played today of Match Day 38 of 38. The Match wise highlights are appended below the points table.

After these matches, La Liga 2018 came to end as Barcelona emerged as the winners and also won their last match against Real Sociedad to end their campaign on a winning note.

Position Club Played Won Drawn Lost Points
1 Barcelona 38 28 9 1 93
2 Atletico Madrid 38 23 10 5 79
3 Real Madrid 38 22 10 6 76
4 Valencia 38 22 7 9 73
5 Villarreal 38 18 7 13 61
6 Real Betis 38 18 6 14 60

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Match Wise La Liga Highlights

(La Liga Highlights) Match 7 of 10: Valencia Vs Deportivo

Result: 2 – 1

Goal Scorers:

  • Valencia: Simone Zaza 28′, Goncalo Guedes 77′
  • Celta Vigo: Lucas Perez 80′


  • Deportivo had not the ideal kind of La Liga this season as they had won only 6 matches out of 37 and were ranked 18th on the points table.
  • Valencia on the other hand were placed 4th on the points table and wanted to end their campaign on a winning note.
  • So, the match started as both teams tried to attack first and score inside the 1st
  • Valencia was very keen on doing this and their effortswere finally successful as their 2nd highest goal scorer netted the ball at the 28th minute to give them the lead.
  • This was also the only goal of the 1st half as neither side managed to score a goal after this one as this half came to end.
  • Deportivo now needed to re-think their strategies and attack in a different manner on their opponent’s goal post.
  • After the break, the 2nd half went underway and excellent play was being shown by both teams as despite several attacks the ball was not going into the nets.
  • This changed at the 77th minute as Goncalo Guedes scored his first goal of this season to extend the lead by 2 goals.
  • Deportivo, now had to score if they wanted a chance to win this match and it was Lucas Perez who fulfilled their wish by scoring at the 80th
  • But, after that Deportivo failed to score a goal and Valencia didn’t scored either as the match came to an end.


(La Liga Highlights) Match 8 of 10: Athletico Bilbao Vs Espanyol

Result: 0 – 1

Goal Scorers:

  • Éspanyol: David Lopez


  • If Athletico Bilbao won this match they would have the chance of finishing 11th in the La Liga rankings. Espanyol on the other hand could also use a win to help them finish at the 13th
  • The 1st half went underway as both sides showed excellent possession of the ball in the 1st That is why much less goal shots were being scored by both teams.
  • However, it was Espanyol who succeeded to score the opening goal of the match as David Lopez registered his first goal of this La Liga season by netting he ball at the 9th minute of the 1st
  • After that several attacks were made by Athletico Bilbao but they were unable to score in the first half as it ended at 1 – 0.
  • The 2nd half started as Athletico Bilbao were looking to overcome their opponents and score a tie-breaker goal.
  • However, despite having a slight domination in ball possession they couldn’t even score a single goal and Espanyol won the match.
  • With this win Espanyol moved two points up the table and finished 13th on the La Liga table as compared to Athletico Bilbao who finished 16th.


(La Liga Highlights) Match 9 of 10: Atletico Madrid Vs Eibar

Result: 2 – 2

Goal Scorers:

  • Atletico Madrid: Fernando Torres 42’, 60’
  • Eibar: Kike 35’, Ruben Pena 70’


  • Atletico Madrid had already guaranteed their 2nd spot in this La Liga as Real Madrid had drawn their match yesterday. But they still wanted a win in order to finish things of on a good note.
  • On the other hand Eibar wanted to win to ensure their finish in the top 10, just in case Real Sociedad wins their match against Barcelona.
  • So, the match started as both teams looked to take the lead in the 1st half of the match and build pressure on the other team.
  • And, it was Eibar’s 2nd highest goal-scorer who once again came up on the occasion and scored his 8th goal of this season.
  • But, Atletico Madrid were not going to sit by the side lines as it was Fernando Torres who scored at the 42nd minute to level the scoreboard.
  • This also concluded the 1st half as no more goals were scored after that by any team.
  • Now the 2nd half went underway and both teams were at it again as ball possession was almost equal between both teams.
  • Both teams were looking for an opening at this point and it was Fernando Torres once again as the forward scored his 7th goal this season to put his team in the driving seat once again.
  • However, 3 minutes later Lucas Hernandez was given a red card by the referee and Atletico Madrid now had to play with a 10-man team.
  • This vulnerability was taken advantage of by Eibar as Ruben Pena scored his maiden goal of this La Liga season to level the scoreboard.
  • After that more strokes were taken by both sides in the last 20 minutes of play but no one succeeded to score as the match came to a draw.
  • So, Eibar finished 9th on the points table as Real Sociedad lost their next match with Barcelona.
  • Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid ended their La Liga season by placing themselves in the 2nd


(La Liga Highlights) Match 10 of 10: Barcelona Vs Real Sociedad

Result: 1 – 0

Goal Scorers:

  • Barcelona: Phillipe Coutinho 57’


  • Having already won the La Liga title this year, Barcelona were hoping to win their last match too and finish their La Liga journey with only one loss.
  • On the other hand, Real Sociedad were looking to win this match in hopes of finishing in the Top 10 of La Liga rankings.
  • So, the match started as both teams faced each other for the last time in this year’s La Liga.
  • Of course, Barcelona were the ones who were dominating the possession by a huge margin. However, they were not getting any reward for it as no goals were being scored.
  • This went on for the whole 1st half as neither team managed to score the opening goal of the match.
  • Then, after the break the 2nd half started and both teams were only 17 minutes into the match when Phillipe Coutinho scored the first goal of this match to give Barcelona the lead in this match.
  • Then at the 67th minute Coutinho was substituted for Lionel Messi as Barcelona intended to score another goal to reduce the chances of a draw.
  • However, Messi couldn’t score a goal and neither could Real Sociedad as Camp Nou won the match and ended their successful La Liga campaign with another win.

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