Martial Arts – UFC: Fighters Who Should Be A Part Of The Roster

The UFC’s M.O. has dependably been to guarantee that the best battle the best – boxing-style dodging matches is maintained a strategic distance from, and generally – with the odd special case – the contenders on the UFC’s program confront whoever they’re advised to by the UFC’s capacity dealers.

The issue with that, obviously, is that not the majority of the best contenders carry out their specialty in the UFC. With adversary advancements like Bellator, ONE FC and the PFL profiting by free office and marking a portion of the world’s best contenders, the UFC can’t generally make the most ideal matches.

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All agreements end in the long run however, and with the UFC still the huge pooch in the MMA yard, no contender is really distant for them.

In this article, Allsportpsk presents five top warriors outside the advancement that the UFC should hope to add to their roster when they find the opportunity to do so.

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#5 Kayla Harrison


The eventual fate of the UFC Women’s Featherweight division is uncertain at this moment, with amazing hero Cris Cyborg having been deposed by Bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes, and Australian striker Megan Anderson being the main other genuine 145lber on the UFC’s program.

However, in the event that the advancement truly needs to make a push with the division, they could do no superior to sign Kayla Harrison.

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Harrison has been contending at 155lbs in the PFL association, however she has just referenced a move to 145lbs – and that by itself should ring alerts for the UFC as it is far-fetched that she’d drop to 135lbs at any point in the near future like different Featherweights they’ve marked.

She’s 3-0 in MMA up to this point, and is clearly extremely unpracticed, yet a look at her experience should reveal to all of you have to know.

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Like the unbelievable Ronda Rousey, Harrison has a broad foundation in judo – truth be told, she’s considerably more credentialed in the game than ‘Raucous Ronda’, as she’s a two-time Olympic gold medallist in the game. Basically, she’d be ostensibly the most credentialed judoka to ever set foot into the UFC’s Octagon.

With the thin idea of the ladies’ 145lbs division at the present time – accepting she could make as far as possible – Harrison would most likely be a moment title contender in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. She as of now has joins with the advancement as she is as of now dating Welterweight contender Anthony Rocco Martin, and it is an easy decision that the UFC should push to sign her when they find the opportunity.

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