Martial Arts – UFC: Five Amazing Fights Held In Las Vegas


Las Vegas is a genuinely unique spot with regards to fighting sports. Correctly named as the boxing capital of the world, Sin City has played host to notable pugilists, for example, Muhamad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, Oscar De La Hoya, and Mike Tyson, to give some examples. Watching a fight at the MGM Grand Arena would absolutely be on your wish list in the event that you are a boxing enthusiast. Same goes for the fighters, who think of it as a fantasy to battle under the brilliant lights of Vegas.

Boxing, in any case, isn’t the undisputed lord of the battle sports world any longer as MMA has relentlessly ascended to be a practical contender and ostensibly an all the more engaging option.

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UFC 33: Victory in Vegas was the first PPV composed by the UFC in Las Vegas on September 28th, 2011, a card which highlighted any semblance of Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell, and Jens Pulver. It ended up being a disappointing start as each battle on the card neglected to satisfy the publicity. The five primary card fights all took care of business and none of them were as connecting as the fans would have preferred.

In any case, UFC and Vegas have a rich history as the Dana White-drove advancement has held 119 occasions in the city – the most among all areas. Also, out of those 119 occasions, Allsportspk presents you 5 best fights that are still a piece of MMA fables.

#5 Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard – UFC 125

The arrangement of battles between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard is perhaps one of the best sets of three in blended hand to hand fighting history. The two Lightweights went into their first battle with a flawless record to their names and it finished with Maynard giving Edgar his first expert MMA misfortune.

The mishap just roused Edgar to prepare more enthusiastically as he went on a 5-battle win streak, amid which, he won and shielded the Lightweight title against B.J Penn.

Maynard too went on a comparative winning run that in the long run finished in a merited rematch against Edgar at UFC 125, this time, with the 155 lbs tie on hold.

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The second battle started to support Maynard, as he shook Edgar with a left connect and tailed it with a flood of punches in an offer to complete his rival off. Edgar indicated genuine flexibility and figured out how to get past the round before proceeding to win the second round.

The 5-round slugfest was legitimately decreed as a draw and the battle was granted the Fight of the Year at the year-end MMA grants. While Edgar would win the third excursion with a resonating knockout, no one has overlooked the supreme war that was the second experience in the incredible arrangement.

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