Humans are curious by nature, as we want to explore the world around us and learn the intricacies behind it. Man has gone into space, reached the moon and is planning to land on Mars too.

However, despite we humans having made considerable effort there is a still a lot more to explore from many of the Divine gifts. And water bodies are one of the many such gifts about which till today there is a lot unknown and a mystery.

Some of us may know that 70% of our earth is composed of water, but did you know that we humans have only been able to explore approximately 5% of it, till date? This means that a vast majority of living species and the underground world has still not been discovered.

This is where Allsportpk presents to you the sport of Deep Sea Diving and Exploration.

It is more of a research cum adventure sport, however, many people also do it because they like being surrounded by the water and explore unknown territories.

What is Deep Sea Diving?

Of course, the word deep is the main focus here as a sea diver who goes way below the normal limit is considered a deep sea diver. Although, there is no set limit of what depth is considered to be a deep dive, however in some cases certain limits are prescribed by the authorities.

To give you a general idea, a professional diver normally dives up to 2,000 ft (610 meters) but he has to have the proper equipment e.g. an atmospheric diving suit.

Types Of Deep Sea Divers; Which One Do You Want To Be?

Deep sea diving is a vast field and not every diver has the same job as the other one. You can choose a different aspect of this job solely based on your personal preferences and passion.

The different types of divers are listed below:

The Recreational Diver

Deep Sea Diving

Love nature, sea life or animals in general? Want to have an experience of a life-time? Then this is your chance to learn how to be deep sea diver and explore the endless oceans and the amazing life form in it.

The Deep Diver

Deep Sea Diving

This diver is always the first in his descent and his main aim is to reach the bottom. So, if shallow diving is what fascinates you then you should probably take up this role and explore the blue ocean by starting from the bottom.

The Tech Diver

Deep Sea Diving

Are you a geek who loves solving complex math problems? Then this is the area that will suit you best as a tech diver has to collect data like water pressure, decompression etc. by diving into the ocean and reporting it back as valuable information. 

The Photo Or Videographer

Deep Sea Diving

Are you a professional photographer or do you like making videos? If you are any one of these people then it’s time that you learn this amazing sport and dive down to click pictures or make beautiful videos of the endless sea life and start a career of your own.


Deep Sea Diving

Diving equipment is directly proportional to how deep you are aiming to dive into the ocean. So, to give you a general idea a list of equipment is mentioned below that are a must if you want to do deep sea diving.

Diving Cylinders

Normally, they are mounted on the back and they come in different shapes and sizes and some also have additional equipment attached to them. The ones which you use totally depends on what you are aiming for as explained above.

Alternative air source

Regulators or re-breather sets are used as an alternative if there is any mishap and back cylinders run out of oxygen.

Exposure Protection

Different types of suits such as the wet suit, hot water suit or the dry suit are used by divers depending on the temperature and composition of the water that they are diving into.

This includes Diving hoods, boots, safety helmet, gloves etc.

Smooth and stabilized movement

A diver has to ensure that his swimming pattern is smooth and for this to happen, his in-water stabilization should be perfect. This is where equipment like Swim Fins, Weight Belt, Diver propulsion vehicle and Jacket Buoyancy compensator are used.

This is the end of Part 1. Part 2 will cover the benefits, dangers, precautions and destinations that are related to deep sea diving.

So, be alert and keep a look out for Part 2 appearing very soon.

Till then don’t forget to comment down below and let us know your thoughts about this article.

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