French tennis player Benoit Paire lost his cool and caused an embarrassing meltdown after losing the second round to Serbia’s Dusan Lajovic in his recent ATP Cup fixture.

Paire dominated the Serbian, in the beginning, winning the first set 6-2 and was looking to close the game by winning the second set as well.

But when things did not go as planned and Lajovic managed to come back winning the second set, The Frenchman went in a complete meltdown mode and caused a great fuss on the court.

Paire smashed two rackets and threw a bottle of water and energy drink on the court before being calmed down by his teammates.


Although the 30-year-old managed to win the match after claiming the third round his on-field outburst earned him sever flake from fans and commentators.

This was not the first public display of frustrated anger by the French Tennis player. He has previously been warned by the authorities for similar behavior at the 2018 Madrid Open and Citi Open in 2018.

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