The 10th J.A.Zaman Memorial Open Golf Championship presented by the Zaman Family came to a resonated high spirited conclusion at the Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

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Ahmed Baig – Pakistan’s Professional Golfer – Allsportspk

Ahmed Baig of Royal Palm Golf Club who had a flourishing time on the last three concluding holes lifted the 2024 tile of the Professional segment.

The open golf championship which was contested by 103 top golf professional for over 4 days and 74 holes had offered a prize money of Rupees 7.5 million besides a Haval automotive for a hole in one. 


The final round of Professional section was fought out on Sunday at a razor sharp unnerving heated bout was noticed as champions Shabbir Iqbal, Ahmed Baig, Minhaj Maqsood and Muhammed Nazir remained steadfast and resolute in pursuit of ultimate success. And then came the 16th hole and discernible was destiny in action. Ahmed Baig had hit his second shot on to the green on the par-5, 16th hole and was lying 25 feet from the hole. Backed by a wild intent he stroked the ball to best of his golfing ability and cheers went up as the ball ended right in the hole. The rewarding eagle was a GOD sent pat and the eagle made Ahmed Baig the front runner leaving competent adversaries like Shabbir Iqbal and Minhaj Maqsood in the lurch. And from thereon it was a commendable and glowing time for Ahmed Baig. He birdied the 17th hole and without any flutter birdied the closing 18th hole thereby emerging triumphant in this Championship and defending his title that he had won last year also.

From the statistical angle Ahmed Baig ended the four rounds with scores of 69, 72, 70 and 69 and a championship aggregate of 280, eight under par. Muhammed Shabbir Iqbal ended up as runner up with a match aggregate score of 282 and he lost to Ahmed Baig by two strokes .Another top performer Minhaj Maqsood came third and his aggregate score was 283 ,seven under par. These three contenders have played like accomplished champions of merit and lent an inspiring touch to the flow of play.

Other professionals who did well are Muhammed Nazir with a score of 284, six under par, Muhammed Alam 285, five under par, Muhammed Zubair, 288, two under par and Shahid Javed Khan and Muhammed Munir, 290 two over par.

Top performer in Amateur category was Shahzaib Khan, runners up was Tipu Raja and Hussain Hamid came third.

Subsequent to the conclusion of the championship, a grand prize distribution ceremony was held with the Zaman Family members participating along with the Chairman, Lahore Gymkhana and many golfers and families.

Pakistan-9th J. A. Zaman Memorial Golf 2024: Round 2 | Matloob Sole Leader

The 10th J.A.Zaman Memorial Open Golf Championship presented by the Zaman Family in memory of the iconic J.A.Zaman continues to overwhelm and stir illustrious golfing expertise.

Frontrunner at the end of the second round is the acclaimed Matloob Ahmed of Lahore Garrison Greens Golf Club with scores of 69 and 71, a total aggregate of 140, four under par. As the sole leader, Matloob seems to be radiating winning energy, yet a look at the overall standing of his avaricious adversaries gives a rather frightening feeling. Just one stroke behind him are placed M. Nazir of Rawalpindi and Kashif Masih of Lahore Garrison Greens. And two strokes in arrears are placed five potent champions of our national golf scene. These five are Shabbir Iqbal, Ahmed Baig, Minhaj Maqsood, M. Zubair and the effectively advancing M. Rohail. These five are bunched together at an  aggregate score of 142, two under par.

In accordance with regulations, a cut was placed at the end of second round and top 52 performing golf professionals qualified to play the remaining two rounds. Fifty one participants stood weeded out.

Standings in the amateur category are Tipu Raja of Rawalpindi leading with a score of gross 68 followed by Hussain Hamid of Royal Palm at gross 72 and Muhammed Shoaib of Gymkhana, the current national amateur champion at gross 74. 

Pakistan-9th J.A. Zaman Memorial Golf 2024: M. Tariq Lifts Best Senior Professional Title

The competitive golfing activity in the allied events of 10th J.A.Zaman Memorial Open Golf Championship stands concluded and from Thursday it will be a testing time for 100 top golf professionals of the country who have assembled at the historic Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course from all golf courses of the country for a grand show of their golfing expertise. Some of the contenders like Shabbir Iqbal, Muhammed Matloob, Hamza Amin and Ahmed Baig are heralded and rated highly and predictions, assessments and statistics seems to favour them, as they tee off on Thursday, at the par-72 Lahore Gymkhana  Golf Course.

As for the concluded segments like Senior Professionals Event and Junior Professionals, visible was ample rivalry amongst the top contenders and in particular in the senior professionals race it was Muhammed Tariq (Islamabad) who surfaced as the prime performer with two rounds scores of 71 and 72 and an aggregate of 143, one under par. Runner up position was achieved by Zulfiqar Masih of Lahore  Gymkhana who made a monumental effort to overshadow the victor, but in the end had to settle for a position behind M. Tariq. Zulfiqar was beaten by one stroke and the loss was attributable to the last putt which ended up at the edge of the hole without falling in. His scores for the two rounds were 73 and 71 and a total of 144 as against 143 compiled by M. Tariq.

Other notable performers of Senior Professional Section were Irfan Mehmood (Rawalpindi) ,Muhammed Akram and Muhammed Javed of Gymkhana.Irfan had a score of 146 ,while Muhammed Akram and M.Javed were bracketed at a score of 149.Those contenders who ended up at a score 150 were Abdul Hamid (Islamabad) and Aurangzeb Khan (Karachi).

Results of Junior Professionals Section – Ashaas Amjad (Airmen Golf Club ) came first; M.Sahil (Peshawar) second; Umer Shahzad (Kharian) third; Rehan Babar (Garrison) fourth.

Pakistan-9th J. A. Zaman Memorial Golf 2024: Day 2 | Sr. Amateur-Fida & Ladies-Rimsha In Lead

The 10th J.A.Zaman Memorial Open Golf Championship continued on Day 2 at the par 72 Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

In the limelight during the 18 holes round on Saturday was Fida Tiwana of Sargodha Golf Club who surprised his golfing rivals with steady play that fetched him a gross score of 80 and thereby enabled him to appear in the forefront in the race for honors in the Senior Amateur segment. His nearest rivals  were three and these challengers were all bracketed at a score of gross 81. Syed Haider Hussain  of Lahore Garrison was one, while the other two were Dr Haider Mallhi of Gymkhana and Muhammed Shafi of Garrison. A few other notable contenders in line for honours are Tariq Abbas Qureshi (Gymkhana), placed at a score of gross 82 and Asif Mehdi (Garrison) also placed at gross 82.

With this standing the round on Sunday, 25th February will be a test of skills and nerves for these aspirants.

In the Ladies Segment, there was a change in the leadership positions. Overnight leader Parkha Ijaz could not maintain her excellence and lost the top position to Rimsha Ijaz. In the round on Saturday Rimsha Ijaz was in exquisite form and came up with a gross round of 73 and that added to her first round score of 77 gives her a two rounds aggregate of 150 .Five strokes behind her is Parkha Ijaz at 155 while Bushra Fatima is at 160.

Pakistan-9th J. A. Zaman Memorial Golf 2024: Day 1 | Ladies Tee Off; Parka Ijaz Tops Leaderboard

The 10th J. A. Zaman Memorial Open Golf Championship 2024 which includes eight segments of golfing events, teed off at the historically renowned Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

Parkha Ijaz Pakistan’s Leading Golfer – Allsportspk

On the first day of this ten days national golf event spirited golfing ladies were the first ones to tee off. Senior Amateurs enter the competitive activity on Saturday, 24th February and the field includes notable names like Sardar Murad, Asim Tiwana, Imran Ahmed, Dr Zafar Nasrullah, Faisal Sayid, Rashid Akbar and Tariq Usman.

For honours in the A Category, the outstanding one was Parkha Ijaz of Defence Raya Golf Club. During the first 18 holes Parkha was skillfully proficient in her shot making and through a marvelous all round application of golfing skills, she compiled a score of gross 75 and that rewarding effort fetches her the top position on the leaderboard on Day 1.

Another masterly one who impressed with her golfing effort was Rimsha Ijaz who is also associated with Defence Raya Golf Club and much artistic as she is, her effort over the first 18 holes fetched her a gross score of 77 and she is placed two strokes behind the leader of the opening day, Parkha Ijaz. Another young highly talented one Bushra Fatima of Lahore Garrison Greens is also bracketed with Rinsha Ijaz at a score of gross 77. A few others placed well are Ana James Gill (Royal Palm) at 82 and Humna Amjad (PGC) at 84 .

In the race for honours among Category B-Lady participants, the best net score was achieved by Arooj Kanwal  of Defence Raya. Her net score of 70 places her ahead of her adversaries. Second net achiever is Shahzadi Gulfam of Lahore Garrison with a net score of 71 and Ayesha Moazzam of Gymkhana scored net 75, a score also attained by Shabana Waheed (Lahore Garrison).

Pakistan-9th J. A. Zaman Memorial Golf: 2024 Edition Overview

The  10th J.A.Zaman Memorial Open Golf Championship presented by Zaman Family gets underway at the Lahore Gymkhana Golf Club from the 23rd February to 3rd March 2024.


The Championship is held in the memory of Mr. J.A.Zaman; an iconic symbol who was a man of infinite decorum and grace . He left behind an indelible impact of his entrepreneurial abilities and his passion for golf in particular.

This Championship is now in its 10th recurrence and Hamid Zaman stated that the J.A.Zaman Memorial Championship – a PGA and PGF-sanctioned tournament – has evolved to become one of the biggest golf tournaments nationwide with total prize money of Rupees 7.5 million. The tournament attracts the top golfing talent from across the country and is one of the most anticipated matchups of the golfing calendar in Pakistan.

The salient features of the 2024 edition include:

. Top 100 ranked golf professionals of Pakistan will compete in the Main Draw from the 29th February to 3rd March making it one of the most competitive fields in golf across the country.

· The championship also includes nationally recognized golf amateur players who compete for glory and honors in victory.

9th J. A. Zaman Memorial Golf: Ahmed Baig Seals 2023 Title ; Mani Wins…

· Total Prize Money of Rupees 7.5 million and a chance to win a HAVAL on a Hole-in-One makes the Championship one of the top purses in Pakistan golf.

· Eight categories of players including juniors, ladies, professionals, senior professionals, Junior Professionals, amateurs, veteran golfers and ladies will compete in the tournament.

· Competing golf players add up to 500 plus number. 

Playing Arena & The Players

Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course is one of the oldest golf courses in Pakistan tracing its origin to the 19th Century. It is an 18 holes championship course, with a par 72 spread over 65 acres. It is a tree lined course demanding excellence and accuracy from start to finish. 

The final round will take place on Sunday, 3rd March 2024  at the Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course, followed by the prize distribution which will be held at Golf Course Lawns at 3:30 pm. The Zaman Family will be hosts at the prize distribution ceremony.

Notable champions participating in the Championship are Professionals Ahmed Baig, Muhammed Matloob, Muhammed Shahzad, Hamza Amin, Muhammed Alam, Mihaj Maqsood and prominent amateurs Qasim Ali Khan, Salman Jehangir and Muhammed Shoaib. As for ladies, Parkha Ijaz and Rimsha Ijaz who enjoy a standing in World Golf Rankings will also be showing their skills in the ladies section.