Through a remarkably conducted 61st National Amateur Golf Championship at PAF Peshawar Golf Course, the Pakistan Golf Federation stands commended and applauded and also stand glorified and exalted are three champions, Nouman Ilyas of Lahore Garrison in Men’s Category, Waqar Ahmad in Senior Amateur category and Hamna Amjad in Ladies section. And in the Inter Association Team Events, the four member Sind Team retained the Men’s Title trophy and four member Punjab Team ended up as winners in Senior Amateur Category.

Nouman Ilyas the new National Champion 2021 after winning the 61st
National Amateur Golf Championship, played at Peshawar Golf Course,
Pakistan – Allsportspk

As for Nouman Ilyas the new National Champion 2021, he owes this freshly acquired distinction, notability and esteem to untiring, painstaking and zealous efforts rendered possible at the age of 21 through earnings from caddie work, support from Lahore Garrison and technical nurturing by Brig. R. Bajwa who cultivated him into a golfer of substance via diligent care. 

All through the four rounds in this 61st National Amateur Golf Championship played at the par 72, PAF Peshawar Golf Course, Nouman Ilyas has been in the limelight as he strode the fairways mentally aloof, hitting shots intelligently and looking masterly in application of golfing techniques.

His score in each of the first two rounds was an under par 71 each day, he scored a par 72 on the third day and again an under par 71 on the final day to end up with a resplendent aggregate score of 285, three under par and he eclipsed his nearest rival Salman Jehangir by a margin of eight strokes. A wonderful effort  by a golf player coming from a humble background but dexterous, competent and artistically capable.

The runner up in the Individual race for the tile turned out to be Salman Jehangir (Gymkhana) with four rounds scores of 71, 78, 73 and a 71 on the final day. His aggregate score for the championship is 293, five over par. It was a sublime effort from him but the unsolicited stroke losses in the second round tainted his effort. Omar Khalid of Karachi Golf Club and the defending champion was another one vying for the title and he ultimately had to be content with the third position with four rounds impressive scores of 74, 76, 73 and a final round 71, the aggregate being 294. Certainly put in a proficient effort and a reassuring element for him is that he is still in his teens and is likely to dominate the golf scene for years and years.

58th National Amateur Golf Championship 2019

Other important position holders are Saim Shazli (Karachi Golf Club) fourth position with aggregate score of 297, Hussain Hamid (Royal Palm) fifth position with score of 300 and sixth is Hamza Khan (Peshawar) also at 300 and Qasim Ali Khan (Gymkhana ) is 7th at 301. Net section winner is M. Dharmal (MDN) with a score of net 278, M. Shoaib (Gymkhana) a net score of 281 and Laraib ur Rehman (Peshawar) third, his net score being 283.

In Ladies section Humna Amjad of PAF surfaced as the Ladies Champion with endearing three rounds scores of 74, 72 and 71 and a championship aggregate of 217, one over par. A splendid and outstanding performance from a little one who is gifted. Rimsha Ijaz came second with three rounds scores of 77, 73 and 73 while her sister came third with scores of 76, 76 and 78 and an aggregate of 230. Standing first in net section was Amina Tiwana of Royal Palm. Bushra Fatima of Lahore Garrison came second and Ana James Gill (Royal Palm ) came third. Ami Quin was the lucky one to do a hole in one on the 7th hole.

In Senior Amateur race for honors, Waqar Ahmad (Lahore Garrison ) emanated as the seniors champion for 2021 with three rounds scores of 75, 82 and 78, the total being 235. This senior showed intensity in his efforts. Second position went to Zakir Hussain of Quetta and third was Tariq Mehmood of Lahore Garrison. Net winner was Masood Malik (Rawalpindi), Dr Arshed Javed (Peshawar), second and Azhar ul Habib (Peshawar) third net.

Inter Association Team Match was won by Sind Team and its members were Saim Shazli, Hamza Khan, Omar Khalid and Yashal Shah. Senior Inter association Team Trophy was won by Punjab and the team members were Asif Mehdi, M. Shafi, Tariq Mehmood and Shafiq Bhatti.

The 61st National Amateur Golf Championship of Pakistan, concluded with Air Vice Marshal Muhammed Ehsan ul Haq awarding the prizes to the champions.


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