Appeal of cricketer Umer Akmal against 3 years ban has been partially accepted and ban is now reduced to 1.5 years.

The decision was announced by an independent adjudicator Justice (r) Faqir Muhammad Khokhar after listening to the arguments of both sides. Khokhar reserved his judgment earlier this month and verdict was announced at PCB-Pakistan Cricket Board’s High Performance centre.

After the decision, Akmal said, “We will file an appeal to further reduce the sentence against the remaining term of the ban”. His lawyer said, ‘The decision was good but it was against what they were expecting.’

On 27th April, the disciplinary panel of the PCB had suspended Umar from all types of cricket as he was found complicit in a match-fixing scandal. Umar was found guilty of having breached Article 2.1 of the Anti-Corruption Code by failing to report the match-fixing approaches. He was also charged of showing no signs of remorse and not cooperating with the investigating team and the Security and Vigilance Department of the PCB.


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