Madhav Kamath from India won the HHS Pakistan-Virtual Scrabble Olympiad 2023. He sneaked on to the top slot in Round 14, over Pakistan’s Affan Salman and Ali Salman and kept his mind control for the remaining four rounds to be declared the Pakistan-Virtual Scrabble Olympiad 2023 winner. Pakistan’s Ali Salman and Sri Lanka’s Hivin Dilmith occupy the second and third positions respectively.

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Pakistan-Virtual Scrabble Olympiad 2023: Final Round 18 Results

115–3+1370Kamath, Madhav – (mgk28) (#21/India)
213–5+1081Salman, Ali – (alisalman1) (#23/Pakistan)
313–5+824Dilmith, Hivin – (Hivind) (#8/Srilanka)
412–6+1420Salman, Affan – (affan960) (#3/Pakistan)
512–6+682Padumadasa, Archana – (Archana_Padumadasa) (#5/Srilanka)
611–7+840Asher, Bilal – (billobhai_pak) (#7/Pakistan)
711–7+731Manchali, Suyash – (squashy) (#29/India)
811–7+571Salman, Ahmed – (ahmedsalman) (#4/Pakistan)
911–7+157Arora, Manit – (Manit) (#34/India)
1010–8+644Abbas, Shane – (shaneabbas) (#19/Pakistan)
1110–8+524Asher, Manaal – (manaalasher) (#10/Pakistan)
1210–8+332Eashwar, Triambak – (Bucks) (#20/India)
1310–8+325Manchali, Samarth – (stramash) (#14/India)
1410–8+85Pandey, Arnav – (arnav1) (#6/Nepal)
1510–8−5Farhan, Anas – (ak47) (#13/Pakistan)
169–9+897Ahmed, Aehzam – (raven10) (#2/Pakistan)
179–9+410Muhammad Yadaan – (m.yadaan) (#37/Pakistan)
189–9+267Maaz, Syed – (SMHF) (#18/Pakistan)
199–9+138Mukarram, Manhamah – (manhamah) (#11/Pakistan)
209–9−42Dalwani Anika – (nixalplayswords) (#25/India)
219–9−276Noman, Abdullah – (m.abdullah3433) (#12/Pakistan)
229–9−609Qaseem, Mahnoor – (MQK) (#9/Pakistan)
238–10+124Ibrahim, Muhammad – (ibrahim28) (#24/Pakistan)
248–10+30Zaman, Zayan – (zayan) (#22/Pakistan)
258–10−23Mohid, Mirza – (masterzmohid12) (#26/Pakistan)
268–10−549Talwar, Shiv – (shiv9) (#17/India)
278–10−552Ayesha, Syeda – (Ayesha381) (#27/Pakistan)
287–11−183Parkes, Shane – (SP3103) (#16/Ireland)
297–11−273Mazhar, Neha – (Nmazhar) (#30/Pakistan)
307–11−315Fazil, Shanzay – (Shanzy) (#28/Pakistan)
317–11−891Khan, Aaizah – (aaizah) (#33/Pakistan)
327–11−1172Gupta, Amay – (amayzing123) (#1/India)
337–11−1484Musaab, Syed – (SMHF2) (#36/Pakistan)
346–12−512Mansoor, Ali – (alimansoor) (#35/Pakistan)
356–12−1107Sohail, Yahya – (yahya_sohail12345) (#32/Pakistan)
363–15−2709Sohail, Affan – (affansohail) (#31/Pakistan)

Pakistan-Virtual Scrabble Olympiad 2023: Day 1 Overview + Results

The eagerly awaited HHS Pakistan-Virtual Scrabble Olympiad 2023 commenced with competitive games between 37 scrabblers from six countries – Thailand, Ireland, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and host country Pakistan.

On Day 1, after games of 10 Rounds, the two Pakistan scrabblers occupied the first two top slots, followed by 3rd and 4th positions by Indians and fifth by a Sri Lankan player.

On Sunday, 10th September the final 8 Rounds will be played to decide the 2023 winner.

Pakistan-Virtual Scrabble Olympiad 2023: Day 1-Round 10 Results


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