The 1st Scrabble Ranking Tournament for 2022-23 season will be held on 18th September 2022 at the Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi.

As part of PSA-Pakistan Scrabble Association itinerary, every season 10 Ranking tournaments are organised – one event on monthly basis (except during Holy month of Ramadhan). These tournaments are followed by a National Scrabble Championship – NSC Masters, which decides the Pakistan’s Scrabble National Champion. The participation ranges from 70 to 100 players per tournament.

The last event NSC Masters was held from 19th-21st August 2022, with the Pakistan Scrabble Masters champion being Waseem Khatri.

The PSA team which manages these ongoing events, is headed by the Tournament Director, Mr. Tariq Pervez. Technical and organisational aspects of each event are managed by The Technical Director, Mr. Wali Muhammad along with Mr. Moiz Siddique, Arsalan Iftikhar and Ms. Atika Naqvi.

The salient features of the Ranking tournaments are:

  • – An open tournament and players of all ages can take part. 
  • – A one day event, whereas the National Championship is a three days event.
  • – The reporting time for the event is 9:00AM and game will start at 9:30AM sharp.
  • – The participation fee for each tournament is Rs. 800 for Members and 1000 for Non Members.