Shabbir Iqbal, sustained his lead on the second day of Jubilee Insurance 22nd Sindh Open Golf Championship. Today it was a cloudy and windy morning, which affected the game of many players.

Five times Sindh Open champion Shabbir Iqbal gave another good performance and shot 06 under on a cloudy and windy day during the second round. He recorded 5 birdies and had a two day cumulative 11 under par.

Matloob Ahmed of LGGC who had finished 18th yesterday played better and progressed to 2nd position with 7 under par. He performed better than the first day champion.

First round first placed M Munir of RGC today lost his rhythm and positioned at number 12, with a score of 4 under today.

Ansar Mehmood of MGGC came at third place, with 7 under par round from 9th position yesterday was in good form today. Defending Champion Ahmed Baig of PAF played well today and finished the second round with 4 under 69 and rose in rank to 4th from 22nd, yesterday.

Wisal khan of PGC shot the spectacular round of 7 under 65, which put him at sixth position with a total of 6 under par.

In the Senior Professional competition Tahir Naseem of LGYM played a 1 under par recorded 3 under for the 36 hole game and has won the title of Senior Pro Category. Nasir Hussain of PAF came up to second position with a par round and contained his postion after scoring a cumulative one under. M. Akram of LGGC played a total of one under, totaling 143 for two days, and was declared at third position.

In the Junior professional competition Abdul Wadood of MTG played a 4 under par and recorded 2 under for the 36 hole game and has won the title of Junior Pro Category.

Amongst the Amateur playing the Sindh Open on the second day, Muhammad Ali Hai played a 74 to tie in the lead with Nadir Khan who also shot a 74 today. Dr. Waqas Burki shot a 77 and is lying at 3rd position.