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In an effort to develop the knowledge base of sports fraternity, various organizations actively hold programs and activities. One such effort is by WAO – World Archery Organization, which plans to hold four online summits from May to August 2020. The first Summer Summit will be held on 31st May.

The Summer Summits are defined as the educational days for the archery community.

According to the organizers, the first summit on 31st May will include seven topics and primarily focus would be on – the attitude an archer requires to win and how to achieve excellence in competition.

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The topic wise schedule of the first Summit on 31st May is as follows (Timing are CET – Central European Time):

10h00 – Where’s the will to win?

11h00 – Archery’s X Factor

  • Roundtable with sports psychologists, discussing the mental aspect of competition archery.
  • Available to watch on YouTube.

12h00 – The heretic archer?

13h00 – Anti-doping and the archer

14h00 – The science of imagery

  • Live presentation and activity run by archer, coach and psychologist Guy Matzkin, teaching the theory of visualisation and how to use it effectively.
  • Available to watch on YouTube.

15h00 – Q&A: The next step with compound

  • Live interactive question and answer session with international archers, including Mike Schloesser, on the subject of what it takes to win tournaments.
  • Available to watch on YouTube and Facebook.

16h00 – Competition, practice technique change


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