Thai Footballer Boys Cave Drama: All Rescued After 17 Days!

Thai Footballer Boys

Chiang Rai, Thailand: The 17 days cave drama ended when the Thai SEALS divers squad headed by Narongsak Osottanakorn successfully rescued today the remaining 5 boys and their football coach.

A mission which seemed impossible to others but not to them as it was their pride and of Thailand to rescue the 13 stuck in the cave since 23rd June.

Thai Footballer Boys Cave Rescue: 8 Boys Freed

This operation was truly historic and not many would have dared to have saved the Thai footballer boys and their coach. As, they were trapped deep inside the Tham Luang cave network which was completely water logged due to Monsoon season.


However, Thai rescue team dived into the 1.7 km rocky passages and successfully came back with the boys, neither of whom knew how to dive or swim.

Over a hundred people were a part of this historic rescue operation.

Post the incident, people from all over the world wrote congratulatory messages on Twitter. Here are some of them.

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