Strange yet awesome stunts excite the viewer as well as the person who is doing it. People try to do unusual stuff especially in sports to attract attention towards them.

Basketball is one of the most popular contemporary sports that is being played and watched all over the world. The sport provides challenging and exciting action for athletes and spectators alike.

Be it Michael Jordan or his contemporary Lebron James, this game has produced legends in every era. The passion of this game runs deep within the people and their inner attachment for this game brings out the weird element in them.

In this article such a video is presented by Allsportspk that has an exciting and an unusual element in it. We present you the basket girl.

The Video shows three men standing together on a basketball court while placing their hands out beneath the basket hoop. The effort is to basket a relatively small sized girl, 

While the 4th man is standing behind the girl in order to provide the girl the momentum to make the jump. The girl makes a first jump and is boosted by the men to send her flying in the air. She goes into the air, rolls like a wheel and then comes down through the basket hoop, caught by the men comfortably. Not as easy as it seems, through the utmost effort the act is successfully rather miraculously achieved. 

All the act members are very excited for having been successful in this rather weird attempt to basket a girl through a hoop. A replay is shown at the end of the video that shows this amazing attempt in slow motion.

Beware!! DO NOT make such dare devil attempts without proper guidance and training. Allsportspk publishes such material ONLY to create awareness about the achievements being made by people who dare.

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