Victory in the Mother of all matches..!

Champions TrophyAuthor: Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad

Yesterday, Allah Blessed Pakistan with a miraculous, resounding and thumping victory over India, at the Oval cricket ground London.

Ultimately, this match turned into a Fakhar Zaman Vs India affair.

18 June, 2017 will always be remembered as a red letter day, in the sporting history of Pakistan.

Heartiest congratulations to the entire Pakistani nation and the cricket lovers all over the world, on Pakistan’s almost one sided victory in the final match of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, against defending champions India.

This is not simply a victory of a better team, which pulverised and outplayed the former champions, in every department of the game, with clinical precision.

No one can imagine that a team whose country is continuously fighting deadly war against terror for the last 17 years (which is more than the combined time of 12 years of WW 1 [1914-18] & WW 2 [1939-45], a county whose economy has been shattered, a country where no foreign cricket team visited for a series since the year 2009, a country whose team was the lowest ranked in the trophy line up has comprehensively, repeat comprehensively beaten the top ranked world teams of South Africa, Sri Lanka, England and India to emerge as the world champions. This speaks volumes about the sporting talent in Pakistan.

The passion with which our team fielded, bowled and batted in this Champions Trophy final game, was unmatched and  reminiscent of the days of creation of Pakistan, during the year of 1947.

The whole nation was united by these Champions Trophy cricket matches, like it was, during the 1965 war, against India.

Nothing unites our nation like sports.

Sports has the power to change Pakistan…it has the power to inspire.
It has the power to unite Pakistani people in a way that little else does.

It speaks to the Pakistani youth in a language they understand.

Sports can create hope for the entire Pakistani nation, where once there was only despair, lawlessness, hunger, poverty, drugs, suicide bombings and alarming increase of suicides, due to the economic hardships.

Sports is more powerful than government in breaking down the menace of terrorism, which can only be cured with the mobilisation of youth and channelising its energies towards positive and healthy activities of sports.

However, it has been observed that for the current and previous governments of Pakistan, sports has never been, even the lowest priority.

Resultantly, It is no secret that how politics coupled with corruption, has spoiled the sports in the country, which has earned the DUBIOUS distinction of the worlds BIGGEST nation, NOT to have earned a single medal in the Olympics, since the year 1994. While, much smaller and poorer countries like Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Kenya, have proved that winning medals at international level is just a matter of commitment, dedication and simple hard work, sans politics.

Now, the time has come to immediately take necessary steps for investment in sports and youth of our country, which can easily catapult Pakistan, as top sports power of the world.


Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmed writes on diverse topics and believes in “Always Thinking how to repay the debt I owe to my motherland and to spread joy and happiness to the mankind. Sports is my life. I’m in love with cricket, but have won maximum prizes in badminton.”

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