As per Coco Scrabble Live draws held today the first matches of each team were announced, which will be held on 11th and 12th of July.

As per exclusive information received by Allsportspk, Pakistan will have its first mind battle with Nigeria the World No. 1 team. Interestingly, the two have recently clashed in the Pakistan Virtual Scrabble Bilateral Series, which was won by the Pakistan scrabblers.

The details including the playing rules as issued by organizers are as follows:

  • Who: Nigeria vs. Pakistan
  • Where: Internet Scrabble Club (
  • When: Saturday, July 11, 4 p.m. GMT – this is 5 p.m. in Lagos and 9 p.m. in Karachi
  • Live Coverage:

Player seeds, names and ISC usernames:

  • A1, Wellington Jighere, Wellington
  • A2, Kabir Olaiya, Blaknite
  • A3, Enoch Nwali, Enoch01
  • A4, Wale Fashina, Jamowonder
  • A5, Olumide Oyejide, Daddyfiyin
  • B1, Waseem Khatri, Rockstar11
  • B2, Moiz Ullah Baig, moizbaig
  • B3, Syed Imaad Ali, Pakiboi
  • B4, Hassan Hadi Khan, Hhadikhan
  • B5, Sohaib Sanaullah, sohaib

Match Directions:
A Virtual World Cup match consists of 25 games, 5 per player. Each player on team A will face each player on team B once. Each player has to play their opponents in the following order:

  • Round 1: A1 vs. B5, A2 vs. B1, A3 vs. B2, A4 vs. B3, A5 vs. B4
  • Round 2: A1 vs. B4, A2 vs. B5, A3 vs. B1, A4 vs. B2, A5 vs. B3
  • Round 3: A1 vs. B3, A2 vs. B4, A3 vs. B5, A4 vs. B1, A5 vs. B2
  • Round 4: A1 vs. B2, A2 vs. B3, A3 vs. B4, A4 vs. B5, A5 vs. B1
  • Round 5: A1 vs. B1, A2 vs. B2, A3 vs. B3, A4 vs. B4, A5 vs. B5

For the Players and for interest of the viewers the games will have to be managed in the manner stated below by the organizers.

  • The clocks have to be set to 15 minutes (with 0 increment).
  • The dictionary should be set to SOWPODS (CSW19).
  • The challenge rule should be set to 5-POINTS. Firsts will be assigned at random by ISC. Enter 0 for mood, and uncheck the box for private.
  • After each game, it is important that the winner must go to our Live Coverage page ( and submit the score by clicking the Submit Results button at the top of the page.
  • Repeat it is important – do not forget as detailed records of every game has to be kept.
  • For each match, the team that wins the most overall games will be declared the winner – in other words, the first to 13 wins. Even if one team reaches 13, please continue playing for the entire match! Your “spread” will be used to determine tiebreakers in the standings and playoff seedings; ergo, winning 19-6 is better than winning 15-10. Also, theoretically anyway, Scrabble is fun so you should play it.Best wishes to all! May the best team win.


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