ICC Cricket World Cup is the International Championship of One Day International (ODI) cricket. The 45 year old Flagship cricket event is held every four years.

The Fact File has been divided into Team and Individual Stats. The Facts appended below are Part 1 covering the Team performances.

Part OneTeam Statistics

Interesting Facts

  • The first World cup was organised during June 1975 in England.
  • First 3 World cups were hosted in England.
  • From the 1987 tournament, hosting has been shared between countries under an unofficial rotation system, with fourteen ICC members having once hosted the tournament.
  • From 1992 ICC started the trend of individual awards in the World cup.
  • The current trophy was created for the 1999 championships, and was the first permanent prize in the tournament’s history. Prior to this, different trophies were made for previous World cups.

Most Successful Teams

Rank Team NameTitles
2West Indies2
3Pakistan 1
3Sri Lanka1
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  • Since 1975 twenty different teams have participated with only 6 teams being able to win.
  • Australia is the only team to win 3 World cup titles consecutively.
  • Australia has won the most matches in World cup (69) and also have lost fewest(23).
  • Australia holds the record of most consecutive win (27).
  • New Zealand and England are the only teams to lose back to back finals.
  • Zimbabwe has lost the most matches at the World cup (42).
  • In 1992 Pakistan became the fourth nation to win the World cup after West Indies, Australia and India.
  • England has lost more finals than any other team(5).
  • England are the current holders of the World cup.

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Most Appearances

RankTeam NameAppearances
1India 12
1West Indies12
1Sri Lanka12
1New Zealand12
3South Africa8
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RankTeam NameAppearances
9East Africa1
  • Australia, India, West Indies, Pakistan, England, New Zealand and Sri Lanka are the only teams to participate in every Cricket World cup.
  • New Zealand is the only team with no World cup title, despite playing all 12 editions.
  • Namibia, Bermuda and East Africa are the only team to have appeared once in the World cup.
  • Afghanistan is the latest World cup team making their first appearance in 2015.

Highest Margin Wins

  • 275 runs. Australia won against Afghanistan in 2015 World cup by giving them a target of 418 to chase. Afghanistan were all out at 142 runs.
  • 257 runs. India were victorious against Bermuda in 2007 World cup by giving a target of 414 to pursue but Bermuda were all out at 156 runs.
  • 257 runs. South Africa were victors against West Indies in 2015 World cup by giving them a target of 408 but thrashed West Indies batting line up by getting them all out for 142 runs.
  • 256 runs. In 2003 World cup Australia outclassed Namibia by giving them a target of 301 to win but Namibia were all out for mere 45 runs.
  • 243 runs. Sri Lanka won against Bermuda in 2007 World cup by giving them a target of 321 to chase but Bermuda were out for 78.

Highest Innings Total

1417–6 (50 overs) Australia Afghanistan4 March 2015
2413–5 (50 overs) India Bermuda19 March 2007
3411–4 (50 overs) South Africa Ireland3 March 2015
4408–5 (50 overs) South Africa West Indies27 February 2015
5398–5 (50 overs) Sri Lanka Kenya6 March 1996
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Lowest Innings Total

136 (18.4 overs) Canada Sri Lanka19 February 2003
245 (14 overs) Namibia Australia27 February 2003
345 (40.3 overs) Canada England13 June 1979
458 (18.5 overs) Bangladesh West Indies4 March 2011
568 (31.3 overs) Scotland West Indies27 May 1999
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Successive Highest Run Chases

Ireland chased a target of 329 runs against England in 2011 World cup.

Bangladesh reached 322 runs target against West Indies in 2019 World cup.

Bangladesh pursued a target of 322 runs versus Scotland in 2015 World cup.

Sri Lanka tracked down a target of 313 runs against Zimbabwe in 1992 World cup.

Sri Lanka were successful in chasing a target of 312 runs against England in 2015 World cup.

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