The Top 16 cueists competed in the World 6 Red Snooker Men Championship being held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The major upset was defeat of the World Champion Ahsan Ramzan by Shrikrishna Suryanarayanan in a very close game.

After Last 16 games the World Championship moves into the Quarter Final phase, in which the winning eight players will battle to become the Semi finalists of the World Title.

The Quarter finals are scheduled for tomorrow, Monday 3rd October at 10 AM in which the following players will will compete as follows:

Khalid Kamali (UAE) vs Issara Kachaiwong (Thailand)
James Wattana (Thailand) vs S. Shrikrishna (India
Thor Chuan Leong (Malaysia) vs Pankaj Advani (India)
Babar Masih (Pakistan) vs Habib Subah (Bahrain)

ACBS 6Red Asian Snooker Championship 2019: Day 4

Last 16 Matches Scoresheet

Khalid Kamali 4 – 1 Chooi Yew Wah

Issara Kachaiwong 4 – 1 Chang Yu Kiu

James Wattana 4 3 Moo Keen Ho

Shrikrishna Suryanarayanan 4 3 Ahsan Ramzan

Thor Chuan Leong 4 3 Poramin Danjirakul

Pankaj Advani 43 Darren Morgan

Baber Masih 40 Bashar Abdulmajeed

Habib Sabah 4 3 Richard Wienold


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