2018 World Scrabble Championships: Pakistan Team Announced

World Scrabble Championships
Pakistan Scrabble Association press conference with the selected team (standing in the background)

KARACHI: The Pakistan team for the World Scrabble Championship (WSC) and Junior World Scrabble Championship (JWSC) was announced.

Addressing a press conference at Beach Luxury Hotel, Mr. Tariq Pervez, Director Youth Program informed that the team sponsored by Shangrila Pakistan, will be participating in two of the most major, which are:

Junior World Scrabble Championship will be played at Torquay, England on October 2o-22 and World Scrabble Championship will be played on october 23-28 at the same venue.

The Pakistan team is considered to be the best youth team in the world having won five of the six age categories at last year’s championship in Nottingham, England.

The players, trainers and officials are confident of not only defending 5 of our titles but also of winning all six age titles this time. Pakistan has at least one player considered among the favorite to win in each of these categories.

Shangrila Scrabble Champions Trophy: Moiz Ullah Baig – The Title Holder

Addressing the press conference Mr. Mohsin Ali, Brand manager of Shangrila Pakistan assured complete support to the game of scrabble and announced that the support will continue for future scrabble events as well.

The team mostly consisting of young players and senior players Waseem Khatri and Tariq Pervez will play in the WSC which starts right after the JWSC.

The team which will In sha ALLAH leave on 18th October for the World Championship consists of the following players:

  • Moiz Baig
  • Sohaib Sanaullah
  • Daniyal Sanaullah
  • S. Imaad Ali
  • Hassan Hadi
  • Hammad Hadi
  • Hasham Hadi
  • Taha Mirza
  • Absar Mustajab
  • Monis Khan
  • Hamza Naeem
  • Umar Naeem
  • Saim Waqar
  • Basil Khan
  • Misbah ur Rehman
  • Muzammil Asim
  • Fatima Siddique

Shangrila established in 1988 in the city of Karachi, Pakistan has developed into one of the major player in its industry. In a span of 23 the company besides having made a mark by becoming a major national food brand has also made a responsible contribution in the field of sports, especially mind sports.

In this latest support to the Pakistan Scrabble team which consists of mostly younger players. It will not be a sponsorship for this tour but also go a long way to contributing towards encouraging youth towards these sports which help develop minds and thereby also a more intellectual and healthy society.

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