The third day at the championship unfolded with the leaderboard again in Khatri’s favour. Waseem Khatri regained his lead by bagging 16 wins from a total of 21. Mathew Tunnicliffe followed behind with 14 wins; Sammy Okosagah surged to the third rank. The Day 2 leader Ben Schoenbrun who had taken the lead position from Waseem dropped down to 7th position.

With seven more matches being played on the third day and two more days to go, the scoreboard has constantly fluctuated.

The leading ranks of the current scoreboard are listed below:

Day 3 – First 10 Position Holders

Waseem Khatri (16-5, +922)
Mathew Tunnicliffe (14-7, +1424)
Sammy Okosagah (14-7, +557)
Joshua Castellano (14-7, +497)
Napat Vatjaranurathorn (13-8, +1160)
Alec Sjoholm (13-8, +743)
Ben Schoenbrun (13-8, +647)
Wolfram Poh (13-8, +624)
David Eldar (13-8, +495)
Stefan Rau (13-8, +326)