Austin Shin cliched the 2022 North American Scrabble Championship title by defeating Waseem Khatri. The final score of the Best of Five matches was 3 – 1.

Austin who was not among the first three during the four days of play was able to become the 2022 winner. Whereas, Waseem despite having upheld the fluctuating supremacy on the leaderboard for two days, could only win one match and become the Runner-up. Alec Sjoholm with 20 wins and a spread of of 1109 points stood third.

2022 North American Scrabble Championship: Final Board Overview + Prize Ceremony Images

A detailed result of the best of 5 is appended below:

Final’s Round Wise Positions

Round 1 Austin Shin (1st) Waseem Khatri (2nd)
Round 2 Austin Shin (1st) Waseem Khatri (2nd)
Round 3 Waseem Khatri (1st) Austin Shin (2nd)
Round 4 Austin Shin (1st) Waseem Khatri (2nd)

The first two rounds were won by Austin Shin. Khatri made a comeback with an impressive performance in the third game however Austin clinched the final win in the 4th round thus, triumphing the final.

The final standings of the leaderboard are as follows:

Courtesy: NASPA – Allsportspk

In the awarding ceremony the next day, the winner will be awarded the champion’s trophy along with a prize of 3000 USD. The first runner-up will also be awarded a prize of 1000 USD whereas 400 USD to the second runner-up.