The 7th online event of the Pakistan’s Virtual Scrabble Bilateral Series will be held on Sunday, 5th July between Pakistan and UK-United Kingdom.

This coming Sunday will be a spirited day for Pakistan Scrabblers as they will be simultaneously embattling against two international teams. First team being of UK which is among the top three Scrabble nations with 2 World champions to their credit. The second being Nepal who are comparatively considered as new entrants in the international online Scrabble circuit.

Paul Gallen of UK who is seeded among the top 10 in the world will also be playing in the upcoming Battle Of Minds.

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According to the Bilateral Series rules:

  • Each nation will have one team playing.
  • The teams participating will be of category A.
  • Each team has in total 10 players. Thereby, both teams combined will consist of 20 players.
  • Each team player will play 10 games each, thereby in total there will be 100 games.

5th Virtual Scrabble Bilateral Series-Pakistan Vs Malaysia: Pakistan Victorious; Results Sheets


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