Henry David Thoreau, a famous essayist and philosopher said, “This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” Thoreau, if alive, might have recommended this artistic video because who could have thought that two cars could imitate two skaters dancing together?

Inculcating creativity into our work not only makes our lives exciting but also adds extra-ordinariness into each work and goals of our lives.

The video depicts a beautifully choreographed sequence of ice dance act, done by a couple of Russian skaters, dancing in synchronised manner with two cars that mimic the two individuals. It shows a girl dressed in all white and the boy dressed in all black followed by a white and black car.

Commendably, as the video commences, the dancing duo hold hands with cringe worthy moments and the cars imitate by opening their rear mirrors, managing them in such a way that they are within a centimeter. Some could comment that matching the machines with humans in this kind of formation is an easy task but look at how the cars twirl smoothly when the duo twirl, how the cars almost intersect as the duo hold hands and that too, with accuracy and the perfect timing. An act rather difficult to believe that it happened and so smoothly. And obviously not forgetting the melodious musical piece which basically is the essence of this whole video.

Thought from another perspective, the video also depicts the different qualitative and artistic aspects of a society which in the world of today we hardly know or are told about.

Allsportspk believes that we humans have been blessed by Divine with the biggest gift – MINDS. Whether we try to be the best in a sporting event, score an A in an exam, build a business, etc., we need to realise that we have the MINDS, due to which we can think, work hard and achieve.

But there is one important aspect to make the best of us being humans… Lighten up! Lightening up will reduce tension and put you in a more relaxed frame of mind.

With these thoughts see the video again and believe in the Divine gift you have and that you can achieve!


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