LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND: According to a CGF – Commonwealth Games Federation announcement. It has officially authorized the plan of holding the Commonwealth Archery & Shooting Championships during 2022, in the Indian city of Chandigarh.

The proposal which received the nod to hold these championships, was presented by Commonwealth Games India, with the backing of World Archery Organization and the International Shooting Sports Federation.

It may be noted that this decision comes after none of these games were approved as an optional addition in the next Commonwealth Games, which are scheduled to be held from 27th July – 7th August in Great Britain.

Mr. Dame Louise Martin, president of Commonwealth Games Federation, called the event a showcase of the best of Commonwealth sport and said it would add value to the movement.

Archery has been part of two Commonwealth Games. The first was in 1982 – Brisbane, Australia and the second in 2010 in Delhi, India.


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