During the La Liga closed door match between Barcelona and Real Mallorca, a fan in effort to have a photo taken with Lionel Messi breached the security and entered the pitch. This was one of the first matches after the restarting of the league which was stopped few weeks ago due to coronavirus pandemic attack.

The fan, wearing a shirt of Argentinian team with number 10 and Messi’s name, breached all tough security measures which have been applied to curb the spread of the coronavirus, and entered the pitch.

The organising management stated that it is filing for criminal action against the man who broke the rules and ran on to the pitch.

The fan, a resident of French Mallorca while talking to a Spanish radio station after being evicted by security and police, revealed that he had entered the stadium by scaling a two-metre fence. And he had planned this ever since he knew the match would take place as Messi is his idol and he wanted a a photograph taken with him.

A statement from La Liga on Sunday said the man accessed the pitch “without any authorisation and disobeying the protocols established by health legislation, as well as disobeying the orders of security staff”.“La Liga also wishes to show its absolute condemnation for this type of conduct that puts the health of others at risk and risks damaging the integrity of the competition,” the statement added.


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