According to IRNA-Iran’s State News agency Navid Afkari an Iranian champion wrestler was executed at the prison in city of Shiraz.

Navid Afkari Iranian Champion Wrestler – Photo File – Allsportspk

Navid who was 27-year-old had been sentenced to death due to having murdered during protests in August 2018, a security guard Hasan Turkmana who was working in the government’s water and sewage department.

Since the death sentence there had been considerable effort from various international sports bodies and individuals to have the sentence revoked. This included the IOC, supported by NOC of Iran, National Iranian Wrestling Federation, United World Wrestling and even USA President Trump. However, the efforts did not bear any success.

According to the media reports the main reason was as Navid had confessed to killing and the Iranian Supreme Court had already reviewed the case and upheld the verdict.

As the sentence was according to the Islamic legal verdict of Qisas or “eye for an eye.” Thereby, the only possibility was for Navid and or his family to satisfy the victim Hasan’s family by paying a compensation. However, only if victims family would forgive and agree for such an arrangement.

According to media reports Navid was executed after the victim Hasan Turkmana family refused to forgive him.

The international body of professional athletes – World Players Association, before the execution had strongly protested against the sentence and warned that if the execution is carried out, Iran could be expelled from international sport, including from the Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee stated that they were “shocked” as the IOC President Mr.Thomas Bach, had personally appealed to the Supreme Leader and to the President of Iran, asking mercy for Navid Afkari, in accordance with the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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