Martial Arts: Fighters Who Clashed With The UFC

The UFC has been the world’s greatest MMA advancement for over 10 years now, and regardless of the best endeavors of adversaries like StrikeForce, PRIDE and Bellator, that does not look liable to change at any point in the near future.

All things considered, in spite of their position, the UFC has not generally possessed the capacity to keep the majority of its warriors upbeat.

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With a list of actually hundreds, contradictions among warriors and their advertiser will undoubtedly occur, yet shockingly enough probably the greatest quarrels between the UFC and the people they advance have accompanied a portion of the game’s greatest stars.

Conflicts over cash, treatment and disregard have all occurred throughout the years – and once in a while connects have been scorched for good.

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In this article, Allsportspk presents 10 such fighters who directly clashed with the UFC due to their extreme differences.

#10 BJ Penn


BJ Penn may be a contender that the UFC metal considers a veritable legend at the present time – he has been drafted into the Hall of Fame and keeps on battling in spite of being a long time past his prime – however in 2004 ‘The Prodigy’ landed himself in high temp water with the advancement and some extremely dreadful fighting nearly finished with him being eradicated from UFC history.

UFC 46 in January 2004 saw Penn disturb long-term Welterweight boss Matt Hughes to win his first UFC title, however the battle happened to be the last one on his agreement.

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As indicated by Penn’s 2010 collection of memoirs, he was then offered $187,500 per battle by the K-1 advancement – evidently multiple times what he was making in the UFC.

As indicated by Penn, when he chose to take K-1’s offer, an enraged Dana White called him and let him know that he is finished.

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Before long, the UFC stripped Penn of his title and set up together a battle among Hughes and Georges St-Pierre for the empty belt. Penn endeavored to record a claim to prevent the fight from happening yet wound up being unsuccessful.

About a year later, the opposite sides repaired wall and Penn was brought once again into the overlap for a battle with St-Pierre in mid 2006. Penn wound up going onto have an amazing rule with the Lightweight title, drew a huge amount of cash for the UFC, and is currently one of their brilliant young men once more.

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#9 Georges St-Pierre


Apparently the best MMA contender ever, Georges St-Pierre could apparently do no wrong for quite a while as one of the UFC’s golden boys. A gigantic pay-per-view draw, GSP was one of the advancement’s most faithful competitors for the best piece of 10 years, however before the finish of 2013, things started to go somewhat acrid.

Amid the work for his Welterweight title guard against Johny Hendricks, St-Pierre censured the UFC for not pushing through with improved medication testing with VADA for the session.

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Furthermore, when he squeaked by Hendricks in a questionable choice, the Canadian legend earned the anger of Dana White for declining to focus on a quick rematch.

Things had all the earmarks of being smoothed over when GSP consented to step far from the game and give up his belt, however throughout the following couple of years, it was clear he was not in Dana’s great books – most quite when he was uncovered as a major aspect of the MMA contender’s association in late 2016.

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2017 at that point saw things deteriorate as ‘Rush’ endeavored to announce himself a “free agent” regardless of the UFC asserting despite what might be expected.

In the end, cooler heads won as GSP was carried over into the crease with another agreement and a battle for the Middleweight title against Michael Bisping in November 2017, however in the wake of winning that battle, he’s made another stride once more from the game so who knows whether he is still on-favor the UFC at the present time.

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