Martial Arts – MMA: Five Of The Greatest Fight Fans Never Got To Witness

MMA fans have been moderately fortunate throughout the years in that most of battles that were spoken about as ‘dream matches’ could be assembled by different advertisers – for the most part the UFC. We are talking battles like Liddell versus Silva, Lesnar versus Velasquez, St-Pierre versus Diaz, etc.

Sadly, despite everything we passed up a lot of battles that were fiercely advertised after some time; battles that never wound up occurring because of different diverse reasons, be it contract issues, retirements, wounds, etc. In this article, Allsportspk presents five of the most extraordinary MMA battles that fans never got the opportunity to see.

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#5 Cain Velasquez vs. Alistair Overeem


As 2010 arrived at a resolution, it was difficult to contend with that Cain Velasquez was the best Heavyweight in MMA. He’d demolished Brock Lesnar to guarantee the UFC title late that year and as Fedor Emelianenko’s since a long time ago undefeated run had arrived at an end on account of Fabricio Werdum – who washed out of the UFC in 2008 – no one truly debated Cain’s spot at the highest point of the mounted. No one that is, aside from Alistair Overeem.

‘The Reem’ was at his crest in late 2010; the stature of the purported ‘Ubereem’ time. He’d climbed from 205lbs in 2007 and had been reliably pressing on muscle from that point forward, and was on a genuinely ruinous kept running by 2010.

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He was the ruling StrikeForce Heavyweight champion and he would likewise won the K-1 Grand Prix that year, as well. Thus normally, everybody longed for him going to the UFC to challenge Velasquez.

Obviously, Overeem came to the UFC – yet just toward the finish of 2011, so, all things considered Velasquez had lost his title to Junior Dos Santos. Overeem was set for a battle with JDS, yet then fizzled a medication test and wound up suspended for a year.

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Velasquez won his title back amid the break, yet when Overeem returned, he lost his first battle back, thus any possibility of a battle with Cain blurred away quickly.

As the two men are as yet contending close to the highest point of the UFC Heavyweight division, there’s a particular plausibility this battle could in any case occur later on – maybe even in 2019 – however reasonably the two men are past their 2010 primes now thus it would not be as incredible as it would have been in those days.

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