Martial Arts – MMA: Supreme Betrayals In The UFC

While the UFC prides itself on being “as real as it gets” and absolutely creates some action inside the Octagon that is an authentic game and not organized like proficient wrestling, that doesn’t mean the MMA juggernaut does not gain by potential storylines between the warriors so as to move PPVs.

Certainly, the UFC is not Game of Thrones, however a typical story we have seen throughout the years that is directed to some monstrous battles has been the account of selling out.

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Regardless of whether its contenders exchanging camps or well known coaches getting new warriors under the nose of their old ones, about each time it has happened it has huge news.

In this article, Allsportspk presents 5 of the most stunning betrayals in the history of UFC.

#5 Jackson Says Goodbye To Diego


In the event that anybody was pondering who was truly to fault during the Jones/Evans spat, maybe they should not have looked a lot more distant than Greg Jackson. A colossal mentor, Jackson was additionally no outsider to deserting a long-lasting understudy for an all the more encouraging prospect. The principal precedent?

Around four years preceding the Jones/Evans episode, a comparable story was being told in Albuquerque including Welterweights Diego Sanchez and Georges St-Pierre.

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Diego had been Jackson’s greatest star as the first period of TUF detonated into the still, small voice of MMA fans, and reasonably, the first TUF victor was the man who put the Albuquerque camp on the guide and prompted the UFC accomplishment of any semblance of Evans and Keith Jardine a couple of months after the fact.

When 2006 came around, Sanchez was one of the UFC’s most conspicuous stars and he was on an enormous success streak, 17-0 with six successes in the Octagon. It appeared just a short time before he got a title shot against new victor Georges St-Pierre, who won the title in the last a long time of the year.

Rather, GSP was welcome to prepare with Jackson’s camp on low maintenance premise, plainly venturing on Diego’s toes. Diego himself has expressed that the concentrate all of a sudden moved far from him and he trusted that Jackson needed him to drop to 155lbs to maintain a strategic distance from a battle with his new prize understudy. In the end, things reached a critical stage and Diego left the group he’d been with his whole vocation to begin over again in San Diego.

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It was a move that did not generally satisfy, and regardless of dropping to 155lbs and picking up a title shot there, Diego never truly satisfied that early potential. He has since come back to Jackson’s camp yet has been not able recover the early enchantment he had. Perhaps that is something to do with the manner in which he was treated there 10 years back.

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