Mountaineering: 11 Deadliest Mountains

Mountains are a special gift of Divine to the humans. The aura cum magic in them is such that even many of the renowned mountaineers have found it difficult to express entirely in words.

Mountaineering is an art, and climbing has its own thrill and danger. Whether one climbs or not, these huge giants still call you towards them.

In professional mountaineering, there are a few mountains on the planet that are considered both dangerous and deadly.

Allsportspk Research Team has compiled vital information from various mountaineering researchers and random sources. This information is combined to form a list of the top 11 mountains, which seem to be the deadliest ones to climb.

Mountaineering – 11 Deadliest Mountains

#11 Vinson Massif- Antartica

Elevation: 4892 meters
Average Climbing Time: 7–21 days

The famous Vinson mountain was first seen by human eyes in 1958. From that point forward, just around 1400 people have achieved the summit. Climate represents the best danger here as Antartica has a portion of the coldest temperatures on the planet. But, what makes it really dangerous are the winds that can easily outperform 80 kilometres per hour.

Moreover, the basic certainty that it takes a long time to get to an appropriate hospital in a crisis situation, is what further makes it a surprisingly hazardous trip. Climbing this mountain is also very costly and to give you a general idea, your whole trip might cost somewhere between $34,000–$82,000.

#10 Matterhorn – Switzerland


Height: 4478 meters
Average Climbing Time: 5 days

A symbol of the Alps, the pyramidal pinnacle of Matterhorn has been effectively climbed by many on a consistent basis. Be that as it may, this is no criteria to accept this mountain as a simple climb.

The mountain has asserted in excess of 500 lives since 1865, and still takes a few lives every year. Falling rocks are a constant risk, but the thrill of climbing this peak in a Swiss summer still attracts a large amount of crowds towards it.

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#9 Mont Blanc – France & Italy


Height: 4808 meters
Average Climbing Time: 2 days

Mont Blanc is not technically challenging when contrasted with the tops in the Himalayas. And, it’s positioning on the border of France and Italy also makes it more convenient to reach by tourists.

However, this kind of exciting rationale fails on a consistent basis as many people die on their way to the top. As of now, more than 8000 people have died on this beautiful mountain and the vast majority of deaths were of beginners of inexperienced climbers.

#8 The Eiger – Switzerland

Height: 3970 meters
Average Climbing Time: 2-3 days

Owing to it’s overall difficulty, Eiger’s north face has earned an aggravating moniker: Murder Wall. The name is also well suited as climbing it requires specialized expertise, ice hatchet artfulness and averting the danger of falling rocks and ice.

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Owing to the aforementioned difficulties, The Eiger has claimed the lives of no less than 64 climbers endeavouring to catch up the primary fruitful ascent in 1938.

#7 Cerro Torre – Chile & Argentina


Height: 3128 meters
Average Climbing Time: 4–7 days

Famously sheer with a pinnacle protected by an unsafe layer of rime ice, Cerro Torre has  spellbound the expectations of climbers for a long time. What makes it difficult are the battering winds and even overhanging sections.

This is why, climbers must be set up to burrow through the ice in order to successfully climb this mountain.

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