Paragliding Video: Karakoram Highway

Thomas de Dorlodot, Horacio Liorens and Hernan Pitocco arrived in the Karakorum mountain range. Their objective was to break the world Record for the highest altitude and longest distance flight in the Himalayas held by American pilot Brad Sander.

Titled ‘Karakoram Highway’ the video explains their journey from arrival in the Hunza Valley located in the beautiful northern area of Pakistan to Paragliding in the majestic Himalayas. As one of the paragliders states in the video:

  • ” I like is to travel in places where no one has been flying before, like if you go to fly in Italy and Switzerland you get there by cable car… uphere it has a different feeling, its more magic.”
  • “Pakistan is probably now one of the wildest and one of the most powerful place on earth for paragliding.”

As the team climatises in the Hunza Valley they are astonished at the mystical touch of the place and the calmness which surrounds it. Plus the the opposite feeling of security which is felt as to what was heard about the country when they had planned for this visit.

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One of the paragliders while experiencing the first flights is mesmerised with the place and shares his feelings “these are simply the highest mountains on earth and flying here makes you feel very very small.”

From Hunza Valley, the flyers move on to the place known as Shandur Pass via Booni where they embarked on the cross country flying experience. It was difficult in the beginning to fly so high over the mountains.

In course, the team members explain to the viewers about acrobatics speciality of paragliding. This involves performing of different tricks in the air by going on to higher altitudes. The various aerobatics formations are performed and filmed.

The third destination was Hushe with a team member summing the experience with the words, ” Some experiences were incredible due to not only flying in Pakistan but in their lives.”

A well produced video which carries a viewer along with the beautiful blending of eastern and western vocal and musical touch.

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