Allsportspk Tech Corner: Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a multi-reason retractable housetop and at present, it is used as a home ground by the Atlanta United FC of Major League Soccer (MLS) and the Atlanta Falcons of National Football League (NFL).

Mercedes-Benz stadium holds the record of the world’s biggest radiance board and is one of the few American football stadiums with retractable rooftops.

According to reports, this stadium will host at least 6 matches of the upcoming 2026 Football World Cup, hosted by USA, Canada and Mexico. Not only that, sources also claim that this wondrous stadium will also have the honor of hosting one of the semi-finals of the much anticipated World Cup 2026.

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The triumphant outline, put together by HOK (American Architecture Company), included an eight-board retractable rooftop that looked like a pinwheel, and a glass divider that would open with the rooftop to permit in natural air.

The housetop arrangement includes eight triangular translucent sheets, that when opened gives the impression of a fledgling’s wings in extended frame. Furthermore, the opening of the housetop includes a halo video board that would encase the playing surface, stretching out from one of the 10-yard lines to the next, which then bends around to finish the oval.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Every one of the eight sheets chips away at two straight, parallel rails; one is responsible for moving it, while the other rail balances the board.

As of June 2016, the aggregate cost was evaluated at $1.6 billion.

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The Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s foreseen opening date was conceded three times, considering the eccentrics of the retractable housetop. After a number of delays, the stadium formally opened on August 26, 2017 where Arizona Cardinals faced Atlanta Falcons in a preseason match.

And, although the roof was not fully complete at that point, still about 60,000 spectators showed up at the stadium’s inauguration.

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