This is Part 2 of Deep Sea Diving. It will discuss the benefits, dangers, precautions and destinations related to deep sea diving. In case you missed the 1st part, click this link .

Benefits Of Deep Sea Diving

Not everyone has the potential of becoming a deep sea diver, however those who do enjoy a variety of benefits that this recreational sport offers them. Some of them are:

Lowers Blood Pressure

Although, a diver who is attempting deep sea diving for the first time can experience high blood pressure due to excitement. However, in the long run diving is a great activity to keep your body calm and lower your blood pressure to give your body a soothing affect.

Water Acts As A Healing Agent

When your body is immersed in salt water for longer periods of time it starts to heal your body in various ways. Your cells are completely replenished when you are in the water and it allows your body to grow in a healthy way.

Fitness Goes Up A Notch

A deep sea diver should already be in good shape before attempting it, however even if a person isn’t as far up to the level of professional divers he can still reach their level.

This can be done by taking frequent diving lessons and gradually increasing your diving skills. This will in turn increase your fitness and also maintain it for longer periods of time

Dangers Of Deep Sea Diving

Deep Sea Diving

Prepare to get scared as deep sea diving isn’t all fun and games. And, if you are not serious about what you are doing, then you my friend might get into some serious danger.

So, without further delay let’s enlist the most few note-worthy situations that you might face while you are deep-diving in the ocean.

Sharks – The Scariest Species Of The Sea

Although, there are much more dangerous species than the shark, however no one is as scarier looking than this sea animal. Sharks hold a bad reputation among divers as several incidents are reported annually where and shark attacks are quite common.

Facing a shark is a nemesis that a deep sea diver has to cope with. So, if you have made up your mind to be a diver get ready to face one of the deadliest creatures of the sea.

Death will become your best friend

Whether it’s the fear of sharks or other sea animals, death is a diver’s best friend that can come at any time. Many mishaps including oxygen-cylinder malfunctions to standard diver gear problems have taken the diver’s life in many cases.

That is why it is better to measure all the risks before putting on a diving suit and jumping into the ocean.

No Quick Medicine

A deep sea diver remains in the water for 2-3 days so if you suffer from a medical condition and the need of medicine becomes urgent. Then there is no way that you can get quick medicine at the spot and you have to wait and hope that you reach the surface before your condition gets worse.

Deep Sea Diving – Part 1: A New World; Do Explore!


So, after reading some of the dangers, if you still haven’t changed your mind about this activity, then you should read these precautions so that you can avoid any accidents and mishaps.

  • Consulting your doctor is the number thing you should do before attempting any form of deep sea diving.
  • Always have the proper equipment and most importantly always know how deep you should dive in order to remain safe from being crushed under the water.
  • Never go diving all by yourself as the risk of you not making it back to the surface gets pretty high.
  • Ensure you are feeling well before this activity because once you are deep enough in the water, it may take a considerable amount of time to re-surface on the water.


Oceans consist of 96.5% of the total water bodies on Earth and they are also the best destinations if you want to explore the beautiful life that lives in it. However, it is hard to make the best choice when you have so many things in front of you.

But not to worry, as we have selected the Top 3 deep diving locations for you. Enjoy!

Kona, Hawaii

Deep Sea Diving

Next time you go to Hawaii to spend your holidays, don’t forget to visit Kona which is great spot for deep sea diving. Diving into Kona is a soothing experience and the amazing creatures that live within is just an added advantage that a diver experiences while diving into this ocean.

The Great Blue Hole, Belize

Originally, it’s a great blue hole that was formed when a giant submarine sunk off the coast of Belize. The hole is circular in shape and become quite a beautiful spot for deep sea divers to explore the beautiful life under it.

Sipadan, Borneo

Deep Sea Diving

Known as the one of the most beautiful marine environments, Sipadan is a home to several hundred species of fish and corals and can be termed as a true representation of sea life. However, this is not a diving zone for you if you are a beginner as it is quite difficult to find your way through this zone.

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