Pebble Breaker emerged as title winners in the Lipton Polo Cup 2023 after edging out ZS Polo with a narrow margin of 6-5½ in the thrilling final played at the Lahore Polo Club.

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Overview Of The Final

Bilal Haye emerged as hero of the day as he played outstanding polo and fired in a four fabulous goals for winning side while Esha Haye also played a pivotal role in her team’s triumph by contributing two significant goals.

Pakistan-2023 Polo Cup winners – Pebble Breaker at Lahore Polo Club – LPC/Allsportspk

For team ZS Polo, which had a half goal handicap advantage, Raja Temur Nadeem and Aleem Tiwana thrashed in two goals each while Bilal Noon converted one goal.

Overview Of The Subsidiary Final

National Cotton defeated Guard Group by 8-6. From Team National Cotton, which had two goals handicap advantage, Chaudhry Hayat hammered three goals while Adil Tiwana, Mustafa Aziz and Asmar Aqdas converted one goal apiece.

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For team Guard Group, Taimur Malik fired in four goals while Agha Adam and Ch Hassan struck one goal each. 

Former Minister Mr. Ishaq Khan Khakwani alongwith Lahore Polo Club Secretary, Mr. Amir Umar, presented the shields and souvenirs to the winning team, runners-up and top performers.

Pakistan-2023 Polo Cup: Day 3 | Guard & ZS Polo Teams Victorious; Taimur Roars

ZS Polo and Remington Pharma emerged triumphant in distinct styles in the four-goal Lipton Polo Cup 2023, being played at the Lahore Polo Club. 

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Day 3 Overview

In the opening match of the day, ZS Polo showcased their prowess by securing a narrow 7½-6 victory over the Remington Pharma team. Bilal Noon played a stellar game, contributing four crucial goals, while Aleem Yar Tiwana added two more goals for ZS Polo, which held a handicap advantage of one and a half goals.

Agha Musa Ali Khan led the charge for Remington Pharma with an impressive five-goal performance, and Chaudhary Fateh struck one goal. 

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In the second match of the day, Guard Group demonstrated their dominance by defeating team Sakuf with a commanding scoreline of 11-5½. Taimur Ali Malik led the charge with an outstanding six-goal display, supported by three goals from Faisal Khan and two from Taimur Mawaz Khan.

Team Sakuf, in a valiant effort, saw contributions from Imran Abid Mir, Omar Asjad Malhi, and Fahad Noon, each scoring one goal. 

Pakistan-2023 Polo Cup: Day 2 | Pebble Breaker & Platinum Homes Victorious  

The Lipton Polo Cup 2023 witnessed intense action as Pebble Breaker and Platinum Homes secured victories in matches played at the Lahore Polo Club. Day 3 of matches to continue on Thursday, 9th November.

Day 2 Matches Overview

Match 1: Pebble Breaker demonstrated their mettle by defeating National Cotton with a score of 7-5½. Bilal Haye led the charge, delivering an impressive five goals, while Ibrahim Haye and Ahmed Ali Tiwana contributed one goal each. National Cotton, with a one and a half goal handicap advantage, saw Chaudhry Hayat Mehmood scoring four goals. 

Pakistan-2023 Polo Cup, glimpse of Day 2 match between Pebble Breaker vs National Cotton at Lahore Polo Club – LPC/Allsportspk

Match 2: Platinum Homes exhibited their prowess with a victory over Arktis Endurance, concluding with a score of 7-5½. Maj Adil Rao was instrumental in this triumph, showcasing his skill with four goals, while Malik Atif Yar Tiwana added two goals, and Azam Hayat Noon secured one for Platinum Homes. On the opposing side, Arktis Endurance, with a one and a half goal handicap advantage, witnessed Omar Asjad Malhi scoring three goals, and Ibrahim Ali Siddiqui adding one. 

The excitement continues with a highly anticipated face-off between Lahore Polo Club and Lexington Polo Club on Wednesday at 3:30 pm. The Lahore Polo Club team comprises Qadeer Ashfaq, Faisal Shahzad, Alman Jalil Azam, and Taimur Mawaz Khan, while the Lexington Polo Club team includes Jorge Antonio Vasquez, William G Boland, Michael Lawrence Frank, and Carter Robert Carnegie. 

2023 Lipton Polo Cup: Day 1 | ZS Polo & Remington Pharma Win Opening Matches 

The Lipton Polo Cup 2023 commenced with ZS Polo and Remington Pharma recording victories in the opening day matches, held at the Lahore Polo Club. 

Lahore Polo Club President, Malik Azam Hayat Noon announced that during this tournament, there will be two special exhibition matches featuring polo players from the United States, showcasing their exceptional skills.

Day 1 Matches Overview

In the opening match, ZS Polo exhibited remarkable performance by defeating Guard Group with a score of 10½-6. Bilal Hayat Noon led ZS Polo with a remarkable six goals, benefiting from one and a half goal handicap advantage. Lt Col (R) Omer Minhas contributed with two goals, while Aleem Yar Tiwana added one goal to secure the win. On the opposing side, Chaudhry Hasan Mansoor scored three goals, with Taimur Mawaz Khan and Faisal Khan each contributing two and one goal, respectively, for Guard Group. 

The second match of the day turned into a one-sided affair, with Remington Pharma overpowering Sakuf Polo with a score of 10-2½. Dr. Faisal Khokhar, Chaudhry Fateh Mehmood, and Hamza Mawaz Khan each scored three goals, and Ibrahim Sultan added one goal for Remington Pharma. Despite holding a two and a half goal handicap advantage, Team Sakuf Polo could not score a single goal.


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