Waseem Akram of Lahore won the title of Online Punjab Open Grand Prix May (I) 2020 by scoring 83 Grand Prix points.

In view of the COVID-19 Chess Association of Punjab is organizing online chess tournament in order to provide an opportunity chess players to remain active with the game. The 2nd Phase of the Online Punjab Open Grand Prix will be held next Friday – 15th May.

The defending champion Zohaib Gillani slipped to 2nd position by scoring 82 points. Tahir Asghar of Faisalabad maintained his form and finished 3rd in GP series.

Earlier in the 6th match of the Grand Prix series experienced Tunvir Gillani of Lahore got 1st position and 5th in GP series followed by Amer Karim from Lahore who took 2nd and 4th in the GP series.

Waseem Akram finished 3rd while Zohaib Gillani managed to get 5th position which cost him the title.

Supported by Mr. Hanif Qureshi, President Chess Association of Punjab, Waseem Akram has been awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 4,000 for winning the series while Zohaib Gillani and Tahir Asghar pocketed Rs. 2,500 and 1,500.

Players who are interested to participate can click https://lichess.org/team/chess-association-of-punjab and establish contact with the tournament administration.

The complete Grand Prix position list is appended below:

Courtesy: Chess Association of Punjab