PALS Football Tournament¬†2019: Day 2 –¬†Hawks Bay United & Mubarak Village Seal Victories

PALS Football Tournament 2019
PALS Football Tournament 2019 – Pakistan – Courtesy: Mr. Khurram

KARACHI: On the second day of PALS Football Tournament 2019, two matches were played at the Buleji Ground. Hawks Bay United and Mubarak Village qualified for the semi-final round. 

In the¬†first match, Khalil¬†Rehmat¬†aimed at the perfect time to score his first goal on behalf¬†of Hawks Bay United,¬†thus paving the way for a leading stance for the team against rivals,¬†Khalifa¬†Sports.¬†His second strike¬†determined¬†the team‚Äôs¬†definite win by 2 ‚Äď 0.

Meanwhile, the second relentless match between Mubarak Village and Buleji Baloch witnessed tough competition with both teams scoring a goal each that led to penalty shoot-outs comprising of 5 goals scored by each team. Mubarak Village emerged victorious as a result of the final penalty shoot-out. Mehar Ali claimed the winning strike, therefore, concluding the team’s win by 7 Р6.

Prior¬†to this day, Hawk‚Äôs Bay Combine¬†won the first match of the tournament¬†by 1 ‚Äst0 against¬†Kakapir¬†village¬†while¬†Baloch Combine¬†¬†too¬†claimed¬†victory¬†against Gulhsan Sports¬†as a result of a penalty shoot-out.¬†

Given his athletic brilliance, Khalil¬†Rehmat¬†was¬†recogniseed¬†as¬†the ‚ÄėMan of the Match‚Äô on the¬†second¬†day of the qualifying round while¬†Mehar¬†Ali was awarded the same title¬†for the nail-biting win¬†against¬†Buleji¬†Baloch.¬†

The ‚ÄėPALS Football Tournament 2019‚Äô is an effort of Pakistan Life Saving Foundation (PALS Rescue), the country‚Äôs only privately run near-shore water safety, drowning prevention and rescue body. The tournamentcommenced on 25th February, will have in totalseven matches that are being played by eight participating teams.

The main objective of organizing this first ever football tournament is to create an healthy and  activity opportunity for the youth of fishing communities located along the coastline of Karachi. 

‚Äú Football is the most cherished sport of the local communities which our lifeguards represent. We have therefore, organized this tournament with the purpose of gathering everyone on a unified platform, aiming to achieve community development,‚ÄĚ said Reza Samad, Founder & President of PALS Rescue, ‚Äú We anticipate that it will help enhance soft skills that will further instill a sense of belonging and encourage our people to go an extra mile while they are on duty. With this, we look forward to making PALS Football Tournament an annual retreat and something to look forward to. ‚ÄĚ

This football tournament which is the first of its kind is expected to bring the already close knit communities for a recreational activity. The final match will be followed by a prize distribution ceremony during which the winning trophy will be given to the victorious team and cash prizes distributed.  

About PAL

Pakistan Life Saving Foundation (PALS Rescue) was founded as an NGO in July 2004 out of the sheer necessity to commence a free service that would provide life-saving facilities at the beaches of Karachi. It now employs more than 250 highly trained lifeguards representing the fishing community while the demand for their services doubles during the monsoon season. Till date, the organisation has employed more than 1,000 lifeguards and saved over 5,000 lives, and provides protection to 8 million beach visitors on an annual basis. 

Its presence along Karachi‚Äôs beaches provides protection to over 8,000,000 beach visitors every year. Since 2004, PALS Rescue has been able to maintain a ‚Äėnear zero‚Äô drowning rate, which is a direct result of the efforts of a highly trained lifeguard service that has ensured safety for the public.¬†

PALS Rescue represents Pakistan at the International Life Saving Federation (ILS) as a Full Member and is also closely associated with Surf Life Saving New Zealand (SLSNZ). It also has a membership at the Royal Lifesaving Society (RLSS), UK. 

PALS Rescue relies on public and institutional donations and sponsorship’s for meeting its operational expenses.¬†¬†¬†

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