The Virtual WESPA Youth Cup (formerly known as World Youth Scrabble Championship) has been held annually since 2006. 

The WESPA Youth Cup 2021 will commence from 7th August 2021, and second year in a row hosted by Pakistan. WESPA Youth Committee as recognition of successfully managing the last year event, once again awarded the hosting honour of the 2021 Virtual MEGA event to the Pakistan youth Scrabble players.

During last few days the qualifying rounds conducted by PSA committee which included: Mr. Waseem Khatri, Mr. Vali, Mr. Arslan, Mr. Hassan and Mr. Moiz Siddique were in progress. The last leg of the qualifiers was concluded and the following players qualified and would have the distinction of representing Pakistan at the Scrabble WYC 2021.

1. Hasham Hadi Khan
2. Ali Salman
3. Usman Shaukat
4. Imaad Ali
5. Affan Salman
6. Ahmed Salman