The 24th Annual General meeting of the WBCL-World Blind Cricket Ltd. took place in Bangalore, India.

Due to the non-issuance of visas by Indian government to Pakistan Blind Cricket Team and Mr. Syed Sultan Shah, President of WBCL, the meeting was presided through video link.

Following are the few important decisions that were taken in the meeting:

1. Pakistan has been awarded the hosting of the 4th Edition of T-20 World Cup Cricket of the Blind to be held in Pakistan between 18th November to 3rd December 2024. The final is scheduled on 3rd December as it is celebrated as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. 

2. WBCL unanimously has passed a resolution to regret the Indian government insensitivity in refusing Pakistan Blind Cricket Team visas on political grounds for the Blind Cricket T-20 World cup, which took place in India from 5th to 17th December 2022. WBCL is of the view that Pakistan is currently top ranked T-20 Blind Cricket Team and the Indian Government’s insensitivity has deprived Pakistan to exercise equal rights to take part and win the title. Visa denial on political grounds has caused an irreparable loss to WBCL in particular and Global Blind Cricket in general because 7 times World Cup Finalist Team (Pakistan) was a serious contender to win the subject World Title. WBC urges the states that sports should be kept above regional politics and particularly the Special Persons mega sports events would be treated fairly and all teams must be given equal chances to compete in the event. Most states have ratified UNCRPD-United Nations Charter for Persons with Disabilities which induces States to provide equal sports playing opportunities to Persons with Disabilities so this charter should be implemented in letter and spirit.

3. World Blind Cricket Ltd reassured its participation in the World Blind Games to be organized by IBSA-International Blind Sports Association from the 18th to the 27th of August 2023 at Birmingham, United Kingdom. Blind Cricket is added for the first time in the World Blind games.

4. The elections of the Executive Committee of WBCL were also held during the AGM. Nine out of Ten full member countries’ representatives participated in this meeting.

Blind Cricket 2018: 21st AGM of World Blind Cricket Ltd. Held; 2 Pak Officials Elected

Syed Sultan Shah from Pakistan has been elected unopposed as the President of WBCL for the term of the next two years i.e 2022-24. Syed Sultan Shah is the Chairman of the Pakistan Blind Cricket Council and remained the President of World Blind Cricket thrice earlier from 2012-2014, 2014-2016 & 2020-22. This is his 4th term in this premiere role. The newly elected Executive Committee of World Blind Cricket Ltd comprises the following,

1. Syed Sultan Shah (Pakistan) President 

2. Bhawani Persad (West Indies)  First Vice President

3. Rajnesh Henry (India) Second Vice President

4. Raymond Moxly (Australia) Secretary General

5. Maher Yousaf Haroon (Pakistan) Director Technical

6. Pawan Ghimire (Nepal) Director Finance 

7. David John (India) Director Global Development