The 8th Begum Kulsum Saifullah Khan National Ranking Tennis Tournament 2022, concluded with the Doubles and Age group categories finals being played at the PTF-SDA Tennis Complex, Islamabad.

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  • In the Men’s Doubles exhibition match experienced and renowned pair of Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi and Aqeel Khan beat Muhammad Abid and Muhammad Shoaib. The exhibition match was played instead of the final due to the injury of Muzammil Murtaza one of the doubles finalists.
Final ceremony of 8th Begum Kulsum Saifullah Khan National Ranking Tennis Tournament 2022, played at the PTF-SDA Tennis Complex, Islamabad – PTF / Allsportspk

The Results are: 

Men’s Doubles Finals: Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi / Aqeel Khan bt Muhammad Abid and Muhammad Shoaib 6-2,6-4.

Boys 18& Under Singles Final: Sami Zeb Khan bt Muhammad Talha Khan 3-6,6-0,6-1.

 Boys 14& Under Singles Final: Abubakar Talha bt Abdul Basit 4-2,4-1.

Boys / Girls 12& Under Singles Final: Hassan Usmani bt Abdur Rehman 0-4,4-1,4-0.

Mr. Humayun Saifullah Khan distributed the prizes amongst the Winners and Runner-ups and stated that this tournament is very special to him and the whole Saifullah Family, because of his mother. Mr Khan also thanked all the players, especially Mr Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi International Tennis Star and Pakistan No-1 Mr Aqeel Khan and also the senior players, Rashid Malik, Israr Gul, Mahmood Khan, Muhammad Talha and Azeem Khan to participate in this mega National event to make it more colourful and successful.

Day 5 | Aqeel & Sarah Clinch Single’s Titles

The 8th Begum Kulsum Saifullah Khan National Ranking Tennis Tournament 2022, continued with the finals of the main category – Single’s being held at the PTF-SDA Tennis Complex, Islamabad.

The Men’s Doubles Final will be played on Sunday, 25th December at 02:00 PM. The main attraction is the duo of International Tennis Star, Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi along with his partner Pakistan No-1 Aqeel Khan to be seen in action against Muhammad Abid and Muzammil Murtaza.

The Day 5 Results were: 

Men’s Singles Final: Aqeel Khan bt M. Shoaib 2-6,6-3,6-2.

Ladies Singles Final: Sarah Mahboob bt Noor Malik 6-4,6-1.

Men’s Doubles Semi-Finals: Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi / Aqeel Khan bt M.Shoaib / Barkatullah 6-2,6-3; Muhammad Abid / Muzammil Murtaza bt Yousaf Khalil / Heera Ashiq 6-4,6-3.

Boys Singles 18 & Under Semi-Finals: Sami Zeb Khan bt Bilal Asim 6-4,6-1; M. Talha Khan bt Hamid Israr 7-5, 6-1.

Boys Singles 14 & Under Semi-Finals: Abubakar Talha bt Amir Mazari 4-0,4-0; Abdul Basit bt Sameer Zaman 4-1, 4-2.

Boys Doubles 14 & Under Finals: Abubakar Talha / Hamza Roman bt Amir Mazari / Sameer Zaman 4-0, 2-3 (10-2).

Girls 14& Under Singles Final:  Zunaisha Noor bt Soha Ali 4-2,5-3.

Boys / Girls 12& Under Singles Semi-Finals:  M. Hassan Usmani bt Hajra 4-1,4-1; Abdur Rehman bt Razik Sultan 3-5,5-4(3),4-1.

Day 4 | Enters Finals Stage

The 8th Begum Kulsum Saifullah Khan National Ranking Tennis Tournament 2022, continued for the fourth day with main Semi-finals being also played at the PTF-SDA Tennis Complex, Islamabad.

Singles’ Finals Schedule – Saturday; 24th December

  • The Ladies Singles Finals will be played tomorrow at 11:00 am
  • The Men’s Singles Final will be played tomorrow at 1:00 pm

The Day 4 Results:

Men’s Singles Semi-Finals: Aqeel Khan bt Muzammil Murtaza 7-5,6-1; M. Shoaib bt M. Abid 6-2,6-2.

Men’s Doubles Fourth Quarter-Finals: Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi / Aqeel Khan bt Bilal Asim / Mahatir Muhammad 6-0,6-0.

Ladies Singles Semi-Finals: Sarah Mahboob bt Natalia Zaman 6-2, 6-1: Noor Malik bt Meheq Khokhar 6-2,6-3.

Boys Singles Quarter Finals: Hamid Israr bt Hamza Roman 6-2,6-3; M.Talha Khan bt Mahatir Muhammad 6-1,4-6,7-5; Sami Zeb Khan bt Ahmed Nael Qureshi 6-4, 6-4; Bilal Asim bt Farman Shakeel 3-6,6-3,3-0(retd).

Boys 14& Under Singles Quarter-Finals: Abdul Basit bt Taimoor Ansari 4-2,5-3; Abubakar Talha bt Nabeel Ali Qayum 4-1,4-0; Sameer Zaman bt Haziq Asim 4-2,4-2; Amir Mazari bt Muzammil Bhand 4-2,4-2.

Girls 14& Under Singles Semi-Finals: Soha Ali bt Lalarukh Sajid 4-0,4-0; Zunaisha Noor bt Mahrukh Sajid 4-2, 1-4,4-0.

Boys / Girls 12&Under Singles Quarter-Finals: Hajra bt M. Arsalan 4-2,4-2; Razik Sultan bt Ihsanullah Kabir 4-1,3-5,4-1; Hassan Usmani bt Shayan Afridi 5-4(4); 2-4,5-4(3); Abdur Rehman bt Haziq Areejo 4-0,4-1.

Men’s 45 Plus Doubles Semi-Finals: Mahmood Khan / Azeem Khan bt Talha Waheed / Rashid Ali 2-6,6-3(10-7); Rashid Malik / Israr Gul bt Imran Ahmad / Col.Zia 6-0, 6-2.

Day 3 | Round 2 & QF Matches Played

The 8th Begum Kulsum Saifullah Khan National Ranking Tennis Tournament 2022, continued at the PTF-SDA Tennis Complex, Islamabad. The matches on Friday, 23rd December will start at 9:30 am.

Day 3 results are as under:

Men’s Singles Quarter-Finals: Muzammil Murtaza bt Yousaf Khalil 6-2,6-1; M. Abid bt Sami Zeb Khan 6-0, 6-1; M. Shoaib bt Mudassir Murtaza 6-2, 6-2; Aqeel Khan bt Abdullah Adnan 6-1, 6-2.

Ladies Singles Quarter- Finals: Meheq Khokhar bt Mehvish Chishtie 6-3,6-3; Sarah Mahboob bt Amna Ali Qayum 6-2,6-0; Noor Malik bt Kainat Ali 6-0,6-0; Natalia Zaman bt Esha Jawad 3-6,6-4,4-2 (Rtd).

Boy’s 18&Under Singles 2nd Round: Farman Shakeel bt Amir Mazari 6-1,7-5; Hamza Roman bt M. Huzaifa Khan 1-6,6-3,7-5; Mahatir Muhammad bt Abdul Basit 6-1,6-0; Bilal Asim bt Kamran Khan 6-0,6-2; M. Talha Khan bt Ibrahim Saqib 6-0,6-1; Hamid Israr bt Asad Zaman 6-4,6-1; Ahmed Nael Qureshi bt Saifullah Khan 6-0,6-0; Sami Zeb Khan bt Ahtesham Humayun 6-0,6-1.

Boy’s 14&Under Singles 2nd Round: Muzammil Bhand bt Ihsanullah Kabir 4-0,4-1; Sameer Zaman bt Rayan Khan 4-2,4-1; Amir Mazari bt Zayd Zaman 4-0,4-0; M. Haziq Asim bt Abdur Rehman 4-1,4-1; Abdul Basit bt Abdullah Khan 1-4,4-0,4-2; Abubakar Talha bt S. Hamza Hussain 4-1, 4-1.

Boy’s/ Girls 12&Under Singles 2nd Round: Haziq Areejo bt Eshal Zain 4-1,4-0; Shayan Afridi bt Rashid Ali Bacahni 4-2,4-1; Razik Sultan bt M. Shakib 4-2,4-0; Ihsanullah Kabir bt Eesa Fahd 4-1, 4-0.

Men’s Doubles Quarter-Finals: M. Shoaib / Barkatukllah bt Waqas Malik / Mudassir Murtaza 4-6,6-3(10-3); M. Abid / Muzammil Murtaza bt Ahmed Babar / Nameer Shamsi 6-2,6-3; Heera Ashiq / Yousaf Khalil bt Imran Bhatti / Abdullah Adnan 6-2,6-4.

Day 2 | Round 1 & 2 Matches Played

The 8th Begum Kulsum Saifullah Khan National Ranking Tennis Tournament 2022 continued at the PTF-SDA Tennis Complex, Islamabad. The matches on Thursday, 22nd December will start at 9:30 am.

In Men’s Singles, Abdullah Adnan upset 8th Seed Barkatullah in an exciting three-set match in which Abdullah showed great maturity in deciding set to overcome the experienced Barkatullah.

6th Begum Kulsum Tennis Tournament 2020: Day 2

Day 2 Results are as under: 

Men’s Singles 2nd Round: Sami Zeb Khan bt Faizan Fayyaz 6-2,7-6(4); Abdullah Adnan bt Barkatullah 6-2,3-6,6-2; M. Abid bt M. Talha KHan 6-2,6-3; Muzammil Murtaza bt Shahzad Khan 6-1,6-2; Yousaf Khalil bt Imran Bhatti 6-1,6-4; Mudassir Murtaza bt Saqib Hayat 6-3,6-0; M.Shoaib bt Mahatir Muhammad 6-0,6-0; Aqeel Khan bt M. Huzaifa Khan 6-0,6-1.

Ladies Singles 1st Round: Kainat Ali bt Shandana Rabbi 6-1,6-3; Natalia Zaman bt Soha Ali 6-2,6-7(5),6-3;Mehvish Chishte bt Amara Khan 6-0,6-1.

Boys 18&Under Singles 1st Round: Hamza Roman bt M. Salar Khan 6-3,6-4; Mahatir Muhammad bt Nabeel Ali Qayum 6-1,6-1; Ahmed Nael Qureshi bt Yahya Musa Luni 6-1,6-0; Amir Mazari bt Azan Sajid 6-0,6-2; M. Huzaifa Khan bt M. Zaryab Khan 6-0,6-4; Abdul Basit bt Rayan Khan 7-5,6-2.

5th Begum Kulsum SK National Ranking Tennis: Day 2

Boys 14&Under Singles 1st Round: Nabeel Ali Qayum bt M. Arsalan 4-0,4-0; Abdur Rehman w/o Imdad Ali; Shayan Afridi bt M. Hassan Usmani 5-3,4-0; Muzammil Bhand bt Chengaiz Leghari 4-0,4-0; Zayd Zaman bt Essa Fahd 4-1,4-0; M. Haziq Asim Asim bt Razik Sultan 4-1, 5-3.

Boys / Girls  12&Under Singles 1st Round: Ahmed Khan bt M. Faizan 4-1,4-0; Haziq Areejo bt Zayd Zaman 4-1,4-2; M. Hasan Usmani bt Ahmed Shaikh 4-0,4-0; Shayan Afridi bt M. Maaz Areejo 4-0,4-0; Ihsanullah Kabir bt M. Taha Raja 4-0,4-0; Anees Khan bt Behroze Maimoon 4-1,4-0.

Day 1 | Commences; Qualifying Matches Played

The 8th Begum Kulsum Saifullah Khan National Ranking Tennis Tournament 2022 commenced at the PTF-SDA Tennis Complex, Islamabad. The main draw matches started on 20th January, 2022.

The Begum Kulsum Saifullah Khan tournament is a Tennis prestigious event, held annually in the memory of late Begum Kulsum Saifullah Khan, mother of President-PTF Senator Salim Saifullah Khan.

Many prominent players, including all the top players like Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi, Aqeel Khan, Muhammad Shoaib, Muzammil Murtaza, Muhammad Abid, Barkatullah ,Shahzad Khan, Yousaf Khalil, Heera Ashiq and Sarah Ibrahim Khan are participating in the mega event. 

270 entries have been received in nine different categories which include Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Ladies Singles, Boys 18&under Singles, Boys 14&under Singles/ Doubles, Girls 14&under Singles, Boys/Girls 12&under Singles and Seniors 45+ Doubles.

7th Begum Kulsum Saifullah Tennis: Day 1; Qualifying Round Matches Progress

Qualifying Matches Results:

Men’s Singles Qualifying-1st Round: Noor Mustafa bt Syed Nofil Kaleem 6-3; Azeem Khan bt Abdul Rafay 6-1;Shahid Afridi bt Asad Zaman 6-0; M. Huzaifa Khan bt Tahirullah Khan 6-0; Nameer Shamsi bt Ibrahim Yousaf 6-3;Hasam Khan bt Saifullah Khan 6-2; Inam Qadir bt Mustansir Ali Khan 6-3; Hamza Roman bt Shawal Azeem 6-0; Kamran Khan bt Adnan Rashid Khan 6-2;Hamza Rehmat bt Haseeb Inayat Raja 6-1; Farman Shakell bt Aqil Khan 6-1; M. Salar Khan bt Danish Ramzan 6-2; Jibran ul Haq bt Yahya Musa Luni 6-0; Farhan Wahid bt Sameer Ahmed 6-1; Ibrahim Saqib bt Asif Mehmood 6-3; Kashan ul Haq bt Ikramullah 7-5; Danish Raza bt Jahenzaib Inam 7-5; Mujahid Khan bt Sikendar Amin 6-3; Syed Murtaza bt Abdullah Karim 6-0; M. Zaryab Khan bt Faisl Khalil 6-1; Bakir Ali bt Muhammad Khan 6-0; Abdullah Shafaqat bt Hasan Ali 6-3.

Men’s Singles Qualifying-2nd Round: Noor Mustafa bt Daisuke 6-3; Shahid Afridi bt Azeem Khan 6-1; M. Huzaifa Khan bt Abdullah 6-0; Nameer Shamsi bt M. Pervaiz 6-1; Hasam Khan bt Inam Qadir 6-1; Hamza Roman bt Kamran Khan 6-1; Farman Shakeel bt Hamza Rehmat 6-2; Abdullah Adnan bt Raja Ali 6-0; Salar Khan bt M. Abdullah 7-6(2); Jibran ul Haq bt Farhan Wahid 6-1; Kashan ul Haq bt Ibrahim Saqib 6-4; Mujahid Khan bt Danish Raza 6-2; M. Hamza bt Murtaza 6-3; Bakir Lai bt Zaryab Khan 6-3; Abdullah Shafaqat bt Hasan Aziz 6-2.

Tennis-6th Begum Kulsum Tournament ’20: Qualifying Round Held

Men’s Singles Qualifying- Final Round:Shahid Afridi bt Noor Mustafa 6-0; M. Huzaifa Khan bt Nameer Shamsi 7-5; Hasam Khan bt Hamza Roman 6-2; Farman Shakeel bt Abdul Rasheed 6-2; Abdullah Adnan bt Salar Khan 6-0; Jibran ul Haq bt Kashan ul Haq 6-0; M. Hamza bt Mujahid Khan 6-0; Bakir Ali bt Abdullah Shafaqat 6-1.

Boys 18&Under Singles Qualifying- 1st  Round: Taimoor Ansari bt Sameer Kayani 6-1; Sameer Zaman bt Syed Hamza Hussain 7-5; Ali Zain bt Muhammad Uzair 7-6(5); Abdul Razak bt Faisal Khalil 5-5 (Retd).

Boys 18&Under Singles Qualifying- Final Round:Bilal Ikram bt M. Sohan 6-4; Hamza Rehmat bt Muzammil 6-4; Yahya Musa Luni bt Ihtisham Khan 6-2; Nabeel Ali Qayum bt Taimoor Khan 6-4; M. Haziq Asim Sameer .Zaman 6-3.