Thailand became the 2020-21 Youth Scrabble World Champions by beating Pakistan who were the 2019-20 Champions.

16 countries teams participated in the championship, with each team consisting of six players, who were under 18 years of age. Teams were divided into four groups of four teams each who played the group stages on Round robin League basis.

The Semi finalist teams included: Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India.

The WESPA Youth Cup formerly known as World Youth Scrabble Championship was played virtually for the first time and hosted in Pakistan from 22nd January till 7th February 2021.

The present edition was known as Gladiators WESPA Youth Cup as it is being sponsored by Pakistan cricket league franchise namely, Quetta Gladiators. The co-sponsor included PharmaEvo.

Pakistan Scrabble Association mangement team which hosted the global championship included: Mr. Tariq Pervez, Vali Muhammad Khubaib and Hassan Hadi Khan.