The three days Pakistan trials to select a three member boys team for participation in the Nick Faldo Golf Championship due to be held in Vietnam in March 2022, began at the Airmen Golf Club Golf Course in Korangi, Karachi duly observed and regulated by the Pakistan Golf Federation. – Facebook

Concurrently trials were also set about for garnering in two girls who would represent the country at the World Level Nick Faldo Golf Championship at the same venue as the boys. For boys there are three age categories, age category under 21 years and up to 18 years, age category under 18 years and up to 16 years, and  age category under 16 years up to 12 years. As for girls the age categories are two, under 21 years and up to 18 years  and age category under 16 years and up to 12 years.

At the end of the first day, Omer Khalid of Karachi Golf Club who falls in the age category under 18 years came up with a remarkable performance in windy conditions when other aspirants for selection felt intimidated and came up with scores that lacked sparkle. It was only Omer Khalid who hit impressive drives and his fairway shots were free of any lapses. Also stirring was his handling of the putter on the greens and he displayed error free mastery in this regard also. His score of gross 73 over the first 18 holes was skillful and he looks poised for assured selection. As for his fellow competitors in his age bracket Abdullah Arif of DHA, Karachi is way behind him at a gross score of 84 while Sameer Sayeed is at gross 85 and these two trail Omer by a margin of eleven and twelve strokes respectively. Another capable one, Syed Yashal Shah of Karachi Golf Club came up with an imperfect score of gross 88. As the leader board for under 18 years age bracket indicates the only aspirant to twinkle and glitter is boyish but maturity laden Omer Khalid.

Faldo Golf Series 2020-Pakistan Trials: Day 1; Suneya & Damil Lead

In the age category under 21 years, the top one was Nader Ahmed Khan of Karachi Golf Club with a score of gross 79, a rather modest effort from a very talented golfer. Placed four strokes behind him are two competitors bracketed at an unassuming score of gross 83. Damil Ataullah of Lahore Garrison is one and Omer Intesar of DHA, Karachi another. Three others are placed way behind.

The participants positions in age category under 16 years are Laraib ur Rehman of Mardan at a score of gross 78 and breathing down his neck is Ashaas of the host club at 79. Another one from Mardan, Muhammed Darmal is at 81, followed by Irtiza Hussain of Margalla Greens at 83.

Daniah Syed (DWG) leads the girls group with a gross score of 85 and also at 85 is Humna Amjad of Airmen Golf Club.Placed third at a score of gross 92 is Abiha Hanim.

In age category under 16 years Ayesha Kashif of DHA, Karachi looks all dominant at a score of gross 99. The second round will tee off at 830 am on Saturday at Airmen Golf Club Golf Course in Korangi, Karachi.

The event is being regulated by the Pakistan Golf Federation Vice President Asad I.A.Khan and international Referee Col (r) Zahid Iqbal.