To counter the global lockdown syndrome, FIDE-International Chess Federation, has introduced the online chess solution Checkmate Coronavirus!

Allsportspk encourages Mind-sports, thereby supporting this effort of FIDE and other partners, invites you to join this worldwide initiative and prove that chess is stronger than any disease!

Through this initiative a creative global outlet is being provided to those who are facing lockdown situations or for safety have to spend long hours at home. Additionally, FIDE emphasized that the purpose is also to promote unity and solidarity which must be manifested in such challenging times.

For latest Coronavirus updates do visit – Allsportsk C’virus Radar

The Checkmate Coronavirus platform will organize more than 1500 online tournaments across major online chess platforms from 18th May to 16th June. The tournaments will be running non-stop for 30 days and 720 hours!

According to the guidelines:

  • The Participation in all the tournaments is free and everyone can win a prize!
  • Tournaments are aimed at all chess players, regardless of age, country, or level of play.
  • There will be at least 1500 special prizes, and all of them are to be distributed not among those who score most points, but among winners of the random draw (raffle). Inspired by the Olympic Creed (not to win but to take part), we give a winning chance to everyone and reward involvement and participation.
  • The major prize will be at least 64 one-week invitations to the 2021 Chess Olympiad in Moscow.
  • FIDE welcomes your selfies or short videos taking part in the “Checkmate Coronavirus” tournaments.

Details are available on along-with a full schedule where you can choose the tournament type and platform where you prefer to play.

Besides on you can also check out if you have won any of our special prizes.


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