On Day-6 of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, two matches were played, and ten out of twenty-three group matches have been played as of now.

On Day 7 of the Women’s World Cup, the following two games from Group B will be played:

  • South Africa Women vs Thailand Women
  • England Women vs Pakistan Women

The Day 6 matches overview is as follows:

Match Basics

Match #9
Group A
India Women vs New Zealand Women
Toss won by: New Zealand Women

Scorecard Summary
India Women’s Innings: 133/8 (20 Overs, RR: 6.65)
– Batting: Shefali Verma 46 off 34 and T Bhatia 23 off 25 balls
– Bowling: AC Kerr 2/21 in 4 overs and RA Mair 2/27 in 3 overs
Target: 134 runs from 20 overs
New Zealand Women’s Innings: 130/6 (20 Overs, RR: 6.5)
– Batting:  AC Kerr 34 off 19 balls and KJ Martin 25 off 28 balls
– Bowling: All the Indian bowlers took a wicket apiece

Result: Indian Women Won By 3 Runs

Man of the Match: Shefali Verma

Match Basics
Match #10
Group A
Australia Women vs Bangladesh Women
Toss won by: Australia Women

Scorecard Summary
Australia Women’s Innings: 189/1 (20 Overs, RR: 9.45)
– Batting: AJ Healy 83 off 53 balls and BL Mooney 81 off 58 balls
– Bowling: Salma Khatun 1/39 in 4 overs
Target: 190 runs from 20 overs
Bangladesh’s Women Innings: 103/9 (20 overs, RR: 5.15)
– Batting: Fargana Hoque 36 off 35 balls
– Bowling: M Schutt 3/21 in 4 overs and JL Jonassen 2/17 in 4 overs

Result: Australian Women won by 89 runs

Man of the match: Alyssa Healy  

Day 6; Match – 10 Points Table
M: Matches Played, W: Wins, L: Losses, NRR: Net Run Rate, Pts: Points
M: Matches Played, W: Wins, L: Losses, NRR: Net Run Rate, Pts, Points

Points Table Overview

  • The Indian Women remain unbeaten after three games and with just one game to go against the Sri Lankan Women, they look sure to top the table. They are through to the semi-finals as well.
  • The Australian Women are second now, and they need to beat the Kiwi Women in their last group game to at least stand second. Their high run rate provides them an edge over the other teams too as well.
  • New Zealand Women need to win two on two in order to make it to the semi finals.
  • Both Bangladesh and Sri Lankan Women barely stand a chance to make it to the semis and need to pull off miraculous performances if they want to make it big.


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