Sports events around the globe had been terminated or suspended due to the corona virus attack. Nonetheless, they have started to restart now, and latest plans are being issued nowadays to adapt to the unprecedented circumstances.

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While some championships are set to recommence soon, some have been concluded either with or without any champions. A recent instance of this is of the WSL-Women’s Super League of England. The governing authority announced the decision and named – Chelsea Women as the champions of the season. They applied the PPT- Points-Per-Game method to decide the standings which formulates the points of the teams based on their performance and the number of games played.

Despite being on the second place of the table, the team of the Chelsea Women have been declared the champions. The Manchester City Women had topped the table before the suspension of the League; however, they had played one more game than Chelsea Women which is why the latter has been declared champions.

Furthermore, the team with the lowest points: Liverpool Women, have been relegated to the lower tier Championship. Interestingly, the team of Aston Villa have made it to the top teams and are now saved from any relegation.

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The managements have spoken about their stance on the decision and have opinions which differ from club to club.

Emma Hayes, the club manager for Chelsea, congratulated the fans and the players and has said that she is proud of her players for winning the championship.

Similarly, the management of Manchester City have accepted the decision of the football association and have said that they missed out from being champions by the finest of margins.

Nevertheless, the Liverpool side has emphasized of their disappointment and have said that they were confident to return and pave their way up the table. They stressed that the season could be resumed like the men’s Premier League has been planned.


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