#3 Chael Sonnen – Infamous For Trash Talk


A lot of UFC warriors have turned out to be notorious for their waste talk throughout the years – Tito Ortiz, Conor McGregor and Colby Covington all ring a bell – yet maybe no other contender found as much achievement – and as much shame – with their work on a mouthpiece than Chael Sonnen, who contended in the UFC on-and-off from 2005 through to 2013.

Amid his previous run with the advancement in 2005-6, Sonnen was minimal in excess of a vanilla wrestler who scarcely demonstrated any identity – he didn’t have a moniker!

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Be that as it may, when he came back to the UFC from the WEC in 2009, everything started to change. Abruptly, Sonnen started to utilize the amplifier like an expert wrestler, gushing wild gloats and calling out various contenders in different wacky ways.

Sonnen’s best utilization of junk talk, obviously, came amid his two-battle arrangement with incredible UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Sonnen hit out at Silva’s battling style, his Brazilian legacy, his preparation accomplices, and everything else believable – building the battles like no one else could and changing the unemotional Silva into one of the UFC’s most prevalent contenders.

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Honestly, Sonnen’s abilities in the enclosure didn’t constantly back up his huge words – he lost the larger part of his huge battles – yet no one worked the mic very like Chael P. His whimsical style and staggering mind separates him even today from any semblance of McGregor and Covington – which means regardless he remains the most scandalous junk talker in UFC history.

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