#2 Jon Fitch – Infamous For Dull Fights


It is very difficult to measure precisely what makes a “dull battle” in light of the fact that in a game like MMA which has such huge numbers of aspects, each fan presumably has their very own preferences. In-your-face enthusiasts of striking, for example, may discover the ground match dull as dishwater while others would worship the utilization of protect passes, accommodation endeavors and breadths.

Be that as it may, one warrior stays more notorious than some other for putting on apparent dull battles – venture forward Jon Fitch. No one could contend that Fitch – who battled in the UFC’s Welterweight division from 2005 to 2013 – was anything but a fabulous contender. His mind boggling UFC record of 14-3-1 stays strong with the best ever in that division – straight up with Georges St-Pierre and Tyron Woodley – and he beat some inconceivably intense contenders amid his time in the advancement.

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Ask most fans, however, and they would disclose to you that Fitch did not actually utilize the most engaging style when he ventured into the Octagon. In spite of his 14 wins, Fitch was just ready to complete 4 of his adversaries amid his UFC run.

More often than not he just ground warriors out with his smothering wrestling ability; bringing them down and whipping them for 15 minutes.

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This is not to imply that the majority of Fitch’s battles were exhausting – his war with Erick Silva was fabulous, for example – however when a contender’s name turns out to be so connected with a style of battling among fans, as in “to Fitch” somebody presently intends to crush them out with wrestling – it is difficult to deny his maybe undeserved shame as a warrior who put on not exactly energizing battles.

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