#4 Rousimar Palhares – Infamous For Holding Onto Submissions For Too Long


Notwithstanding the UFC at first being based on the achievement of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master Royce Gracie, in the advanced UFC, accommodation authorities are quite rare.

Demian Maia and Charles Oliveira are likely the best accommodation craftsmen as of late, however maybe the most dreaded accommodation craftsman in the present day UFC was Rousimar ‘Toquinho’ Palhares.

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The stocky Brazilian battled in the UFC from 2008 through to 2013, yet notwithstanding achievement in both the Middleweight and Welterweight divisions, he was discharged from the advancement in the wake of getting to be scandalous for a really frightful reason – he just wouldn’t release his entries after his adversary tapped out.

‘Toquinho’ purchased a notoriety for harming his adversaries with him into the UFC, yet his initial couple of battles were generally peaceful on that front. That was until UFC 111, when he kept on twisting on a heel snare connected to Tomasz Drwal in spite of the Polish warrior tapping out. Drwal was left with a harmed knee, and Palhares ended up being suspended for 90 days for the unsportsmanlike infraction.

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Not that it halted him – entries of David Branch and Mike Massenzio were semi-disputable as he just discharged them ultimately, yet a 2013 success over Mike Pierce was a rehash of the Drwal episode, finish with a similar heel snare accommodation.

That earned the Brazilian his discharge, however his shame proceeded on the littler circuit, where he got into heated water for holding another heel snare for a really long time on Jon Fitch, and afterward for rehashed fouls against Jake Shields. In spite of a genuine slide starting late – he’s lost 4 of his last 6 battles – Palhares stays a standout amongst the most scandalous warriors in the game.

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