Martial Arts – UFC: Five Infamous Fighters & Their Historical Stunts

The UFC has seen many warriors disregard through the Octagon its 25-year history, and keeping in mind that some have seen colossal achievement and distinction amid their keep running in the advancement, others have turned out to be scandalous for different reasons.

Now and then this disgrace means much greater fame, while different occasions it just outcomes in a negative result both for the warrior and the UFC. It is difficult to absolutely list the majority of the warriors who wound up notorious amid their time in the UFC, however the accompanying 5 genuinely emerge for different reasons.

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#5 Diego Sanchez – Infamous For eccentricity


The victor of the debut Ultimate Fighter arrangement at Middleweight, Diego Sanchez is a genuine UFC legend and stays on the program 14 years after his introduction, and has some of the best battles in limited time history added to his repertoire.

He is commonly darling by the fanbase, yet he additionally emerges as being notorious for his wild unusualness.

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This was on show amid his spell on TUF as he broadly rehearsed yoga at unusual minutes, for example, when he endeavored to separate “energy” from a lightning storm by presenting and extending in the rain. What’s more, it has not halted there. The rundown of Sanchez’s unusual minutes is too long to even consider listing.

There was the time that he got truly into Tony Robbins, and started to recite “YES!” amid his doorways, notwithstanding receiving the mantra to think of the ‘yes cartwheel’, which was featured amid the work to his battle with BJ Penn.

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At that point there was the passage that saw him holding a monster cross noticeable all around, similar to some sort of vampire seeker; his clear utilization of the natural sugar Stevia as some sort of enhancement; his difference in monikers from ‘The Nightmare’ to ‘The Dream’ and after that back once more, and well, you get the image.

Fundamentally, Diego is a legend of the game – he is likely my untouched most loved contender truth be told – however as far as wackiness inside and outside of the Octagon, it is entirely difficult to contact him, making him the most notoriously flighty warrior in UFC history.

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